Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Looking Back

On Saturday Baby Girl, Papa, and I all went garage sale shopping before Not The Baby was to return home.

Brat Baby had stayed the night with friends so she was not with us.

Now when Papa goes to garage sales with me he is pretty much just coming for the food. So of course we had to stop at the donut shop between sales. Which was OK because we usually do that anyways.

But then when we were all done, Baby Girl said she was hungry. Apparently she had not gotten enough to eat so she said she really wanted biscuits and gravy.

Well if that didn't perk up Papa's ears then nothin would.

Papa: "Oh, can we go to the Tiny Cafe?"

Baby Girl:" Yes Momma lets go get some pork and creamy goodness."

Momma: "Gosh Papa arent you full already?"

Momma:" You already had four donuts!"

Well a couple of hours had passed since he had those donuts so we decided we would have a late breakfast/ early lunch.

Apparently the rest of our small town had decided that was a good idea as well for I think all of us were there.

While we were eating I spot this little blonde hair boy. He is as cute as a button!

I say to Papa: "Papa look at him doesnt he look like Baby Boy?"

Papa: "Oh I dont know, I guess."

Momma:" What do you mean you guess, look at that precious little toe head, he looks just like our Baby Boy did when he was little."

I can't take my eyes off him, I am begging him in my mind to make eye contact with me.

(Now while I am staring, his mother is giving me a werid look, so I break the constant stare I have on her child.)

Then he looks at me and I have to stop all tears that are about to roll down my cheeck full of biscuits and gravy.

Oh my gosh I think I am going to choke on my food, Oh Lord please don't let me make a fool of myself.

Then it hits me like a ton of bricks!

Is this the way I am going to be when I get old and gray.

Will I be so lonely without my children that every time I see a child that reminds me of one of my little babies will I loose it or maybe worse, will I go over to the parents and beg for them to let their child hug me and say "I love you Momma." Just for old time sakes.

They will lock me up in a mental institution!

Oh man I hope that I have the strength to keep myself from opening my stupid mouth and just smile kindly and maybe say Hi.

Here is what Baby Boy looked like when he was almost 2, and this is what the little Blonde at the restaurant looked like also.

So I managed to get through breakfast.

Right after I almost had a melt down that family with my little Baby Boy look alike decided they were done with their breakfast.

You dont think I scared them off do you?

Anyways I was just glad I didn't cry, because then Papa would have made fun of me and then I would have to explain my illness to Baby Girl.

After Breakfast we did a little shopping at the Drive You Crazy Supercenter and then the moment I have been waiting 144 hours for finally came.

Not The Baby was coming home to her Momma!

We pull up in the parking lot and they had just arrived.

Not The Baby gets off the bus.

I say to her: "Come to Momma, Come To Momma."

Not The Baby right away tells me that she has had so much fun that she wishes she could have stayed another week.

I am so happy that she had so much fun but it seems as though my hearing is giving me trouble.

Momma: "I'm sorry honey I didnt hear that last part you said."

Not The Baby: I had so much fun Momma I wish I could have stayed another week!

Papa decides to chime in.

Papa: Not The Baby please don't say that to your Momma right now she is very emotional as she almost started crying at the restaurant over a little boy that looked like your brother.

Not The Baby looks confused.

I look at Papa like I have no idea what he is talking about.

Papa looks at me and says: "I saw your eyes get all red back there, don't even try to play it off like you were not about to cry."

So I Take A Deep Breath and take in what my Not The Baby has just told me and I tell her that she will have next years camp to look forward to and I give her a Stone Cold Steve Austin kind of hug.

Then I remember that I will get to see her when the sun rises so I loosen my hold a little.

Now all I have to do is get Baby Boy to come home for a while and I will me one Happy Momma!


Heather said...

And when is Baby Boy due to come home - for reals?

Take a Deep Breath said...

This Saturday, Papa is going to go reel him in!

Heather said...

Yea Papa!!! (It's not soon enough, though... is it?)

Anonymous said...

I don't know what I am going to do when my kids decide there is more out there than being at home with me. is it bad to hope they don't go to college so there is no chance of them moving across the country away from me?

Where is baby boy at these days?


Suzette said...

Your children are beautiful! Don't you worry...those kids may leave eventually, but in a few years, you'll have beautiful little grandbabies aplenty, and they tell me they're even more fun than your own kids!

Chief Silver Fox said...

Haaaaaa! LOL, LOL, LOL!

Ohhhhh, who ever made the comment about "Mamma" having time to look forward to grandbabies, doesn't know the "real momma" like I do.

First of all, there will never be a woman good enough for her Baby Boy. She will nit-pick any girl to the bone that he brings home. She will be the mother-in-law from hell!

As for Not the Baby, I think she is smart enough not to get married so "Mamma" won't have to worry about her. However, if she doesn't get enough grandkids from the other three she may tell Not the Baby to find a rich man and settle down.

Brit Brat.....well I don't think Mamma will like anyone she brings home. Probably because Brit Brat will pick someone that Mamma will hate just to get back at her for something she did to peeve Brit Brat off.

As for Baby Girl....Well there's no hope for Mamma there. Cause that little girl can mezmerize a room full of boys with her hipnotizing take charge personality. Mamma will be locking her in her room until she is 40!

You better get over this "I want to keep my kids with me their whole lives" thing, cause your future in-laws will not want to come around you. Besides, what happened to us living like the "Golden Girls" when were old?

Take a Deep Breath said...

I am not as bad as Chief Silver Fox likes to make me out to be.
I just want my kids to be happy, meaning I want them to meet someone that will be good as gold to them when they are older.

Petra said...

Good post.