Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I've Been Shot!

OK don't freak out.

I've not been shot by our local gang or anything like that.

Baby Girl is bored since it is a rainy day outside today and so she took up playing nurse.

Wonder where she got that idea????

Hanging around Trauma Karl too much??

She also likes to pretend she is a photographer thanks to Picture Momma and myself.

Anyway, she cracks me up when she plays.

If she does not grow up and be a teacher or someone in charge I will be completely shocked.

Baby Girl likes to tell those that she is playing with exactly what she thinks they should say when they are in deep role play.

Baby Girl: Momma would you like to schedule your shot now?

Momma: Schedule a shot, who wants a shot?

Oh shoot I should not have said that since Baby Girl is going to the dentist tomorrow to get a cavity filled and she will have to have a shot.

Momma: Shot, yes I would love to have a shot, because you know shots are just something that we have to have and deal with and you know we should just make the best of it and be brave when we get a shot and we should be really good for the doctor when we get shots and...

Baby Girl: Momma, do you want your shot or not?

Momma: Well of course I would like to schedule my shot, especially if a cutie like you are giving them.

Baby Girl: Momma stop it!

Baby Girl: OK Momma sit right there and I will give you your shot.

Baby Girl: OK dear, what is your name?

Momma: Momma

Baby Girl: No Momma, a name!

Momma: Oh sorry, Mrs. T. or you can call me Mrs. Flicker if you like. Others have been know for calling me that?

Baby Girl: What?

Momma; Oh nothing!

Baby Girl: OK give me your arm.

I was a little worried about what she would be using for a needle so I chose to not look away like I normally do when I receive a shot.

Oh good it is only a pencil.

Baby Girl uses the eraser side to clean the skin.

Now while she is cleaning the skin I am having a discussion with Baby Boy about the amount of food in our home and whether he will starve to death or not and the fact that if he would like to go out and get a J-O-B he could help buy whatever necessities that he sees fit.

And then all of a sudden my arm is burning and hurting and OOOOWWWW

The whole time that I am arguing, I mean talking with Baby Boy, Baby Girl is still rubbing on my arm with the eraser.

Momma: Baby Girl I think that my arm is plenty clean!!!

Baby Girl: OK Mrs. T.

Then Baby Girl goes deeper in the role play.

Baby Girl: So Mrs. T. , what is that good smell that I am smelling.

Momma: Oh that is my dinner in the slow cooker.

Baby Girl: (Momma invite me to dinner)

Momma: Well Nurse cutie pa tootie, would you like to join us for dinner?

Baby Girl: Well certainly, now would you like to schedule your next shot.

Momma: Oh I think that I will just not leave the house so I wont have to fear catching anything contagious, so I am thinking no more shots for me.

Momma: I know lets play like I have injured myself due to all the hard work I do around here and I have to lay on the couch all afternoon and you and your fellow nurses have to care for me and bring me drinks and fluff my pillow and hand me the remote and oh I dont know what ever else I can think of.

Wish me luck, I bet it wont last 2 minutes!


Heather said...

Briley is JUST LIKE THAT. "Now you say this: blah, blah, blah. Say it...NOW!" Such fun!!

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

I don't see how you can pull off this blog thing regularly. My hats off to you!

Baby Girl is so stinking cute and I agree about the authoratative position later on in life. She so headed there.

And really, a nurse and photographer isn't such bad things to play. Now had we been porn stars or politicians I could see where you'd be worried.

You're such a good Momma, putting up with eraser burns and all that.

Talk to ya later Mrs. Flicker.