Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where Oh Where Did My Baby Go Oh Where Oh Where Can She Be!

Baby Girl is 9 years old and those of you with younger children or maybe even older children will think to yourself....9 ......9 is still young!

But let me tell you thanks to older siblings, lack of sensoring on television and the internet our babies now know more than you and I would have ever thought of at that age.

Now , No I do not let her watch whatever she wants, to tell you the truth there are many days of the week that the tv does not even come on in our house.

No I do not let her search the internet, she seldom gets on unless it is freezing or raining outside and she is not able to jump on the trampoline or teach our neighbor boy how he should be learning math (even though she is not an expert herself, she got that from her momma).

Baby Girl does not reveal everything she knows, at least that is what I am thinking but yesterday morning we had just dropped off Not The Baby at school and we stopped to get gas in the car because it had reached the point that it was only chugging down the road (how I hate to get gas) due to lack of fuel, and as I was gasing up the car I notice two little birds just chirping away and thought to myself...ahhhh spring, how I love spring.

I look into the car and see that Baby Girl is also watching the birds, very intently I might add and I think to myself, thank goodness she still notices the little things in life, maybe she still is Momma's little girl inside and not some pre-teen brat that thinks she can do whatever she wants whenever she wants because by golly she is in control of herself and not Me!!! (feel the motherly frustration?)

I watch Baby Girl watching the birds and then she turns to me to see if I see them and I think...ahhh and I lip to her yes honey I see them, arent they cute!

And through the glass she lips to me:

Baby Girl: They are mating!

Momma: Holly hell who taught you that, damn it, just watch the birds and think they are playing!
Thanks a lot for ruining my moment........damn pre-teenism!

Now not to worry I said all of those things to the gas hose and not to Baby Girl, to Baby Girl I just smiled like someone had just shit in my face.

And she went on watching the horney birds!!!

Then if that was not enough she felt like she needed to explain the situation to me when I get into the car ater paying for gas.

Baby Girl: Momma did you see those birds?

Momma: Yep saw the birds!

Momma: Did you see how much gas cost today!

Baby Girl: They were mating

Momma: Did you remember your back pack?

Baby Girl: The boy bird wants to have babies with the girl bird.

Momma: Are you buckled?

Baby Girl: But the girl bird said get off me!


Momma: Baby Girl just sing along to the radio, isnt this your favorite song?

I am so screwed!!!