Monday, June 22, 2009

Growing Up?

This summer Not The Baby is participating in a program where they put 14 and 15 year olds out in a summer job. The program is directed by a good friend of mine at our local community center.

Now this is not your typical job, this is being the shadow of a CEO and other college graduate jobs.

Jobs that make you think.....I want to go to college and do this some day for a living.

Well when Not The Baby found out that she would be working with the CEO of our local United Way she right off had no idea what that was.

So after explaining it to her she became ever so slightly more excited then she did before.

Quite frankly I think she was just excited about having to dress up.

Which was a bit of a challenge since we are not dress or skirt going ladies in this house. Well ok......I am not.

So off to garage sales I went in search of carer looking, downtown strutting clothes.

And by George if I didn't find some.

The first time I dropped Not The Baby off at her "job" she was so scared that she wanted me to walk her I did.

Well I didn't walk her into the office but I did ride with her on the elevator up to the floor and watched her walk down the hall to her office.

Her comment to me before getting off the elevator:

Not The Baby: " I'm not old enough for a job Momma".

Momma: "Think of the opportunities sweetheart and the people you will meet, because in life it really is about who you know."

Not The Baby: " I am going to be thinking about all the clothes I am going to buy when they pay me!"

Momma: " Ok, well I really want you to lay on the charm with everyone you meet because you never know when you might need these people to land the carer later after college. Hey not to mention an internship while you are in school."

Not The Baby: " I am going to go to the big city mall Momma when I get paid"

Momma: "I mean you are getting an opportunity that most people never get."

Not The Baby: " I think I will go ahead and buy some jeans for the fall season while I have the money."

Momma: "I wish I were in your shoes right now, getting to rub shoulders with community leaders and people in the know."

Not The Baby: "I don't think I will buy any tank tops though, I think I have enough."

Momma: "Remember names of the people you meet and when you go to community meeting try to remember what they are saying so that you can come home and inform me of any cool stuff that is going to be going on around town."

Not The Baby: " I think I may need to buy a new bra too."

Momma: " You should even take your camera especially when you go to the meeting with the state officials."

Not The Baby: " Can we take No Sugar For Me Girl with us when we go shopping?"

Momma: WHAT?

Not The Baby: What?

Momma: " Have you been listening to anything I have said?"

Not The Baby: Yes...Duhhhhh!

At this point the elevator door is getting ready to open and Not The Baby says to me.

Not The Baby: What is the name of the place I am working and what was the ladies name again?

Momma: OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Momma: United Way and her name is Mrs M.

Momma: Have a great day and let me know what stores you want to do your shopping at later.

You got to love her!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Is The Number To Patent Office?

First off before I start telling you my hair brain idea I just want to thank everyone that prayed and or sent good thoughts my way!

I know we are going to make it through these testing times.

These testing times is what brought me to my wonderfully intelligent idea!

As I was laying in bed this morning contemplating whether to lay there and sleep or get up and witness the beautiful fog and listen to my favorite morning birds sing an idea came to me.

Now before I reveal my idea to you, you have to take the oath of promise.

Ok say it with me:

"I fellow Internet blogger lover and well lover of all things that hath be given to me via the Internet"

" Do solemnly swear not to take Momma's hair brain idea and run to the nearest patent office making a fortune before she gets a chance to re-do her kitchen and bathroom and fix the brakes on her car and put a new roof on and get new flooring all throughout the house and get the Babies braces and Papa glasses and Momma liposuction."

"So help me God"

Ok now that you are under oath I can tell you my idea.

So far my experience as a Momma has been very rewarding and also very trying.
When Baby Boy was just a wee little lad I hovered over him like a mosquito to me on any given Oklahoma summer day.
When Brat Baby was born I still hovered but let her take a step ahead of me just to give her a little room.
When Not The Baby was four we threw a jersey on her at a soccer game with eight year olds and told her to go kick em ass! (man did she ever....she has always rocked at soccer)
When Baby Girl was four and was learning to swim I told her to go jump off that seven foot diving board and swim to Momma.

And guess what? She did!

So do you see the pattern here, I encouraged my children to fear nothing....well not everything but you know the things that I would not have done in a million years (like jumping off that diving board).

So then I wonder why they have the guts to go through with some of the things that they go through with???


My idea would involve a little computer chip disguised as a mole that we attach to there head somewhere, like behind their ear so they don't look at it very often or very easily.

The computer chip/mole will send a signal to the parents when the heart rate is elevated therefore warning the parents of something that is about to occur.

We then are linked to the brain of our children to see what it is that they are seeing and signal that brain to either stop what they are doing or about to do or let them go through with it and learn a life lesson.

I know that this could bring up a whole discussion of right from wrong.....In Vitro or not......Stem Cell Research or not.....

But how many of you have already wished that you could change something your child did?

I know there are things that I would change if I could in myself.

Just a little Thursday morning thought.............

Happy Mosquito eating day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boy If I Ever Needed Your Prayers.....

I know I have asked for your prayers before and believe me I would not be asking again if I really didn't need them.

Papa and I had some serious problems and with prayer and a little time away from each other I think we have things figured out and have realized what we each needed to fix.

Now just when I thought things were going to be getting better Brat Baby has lived up to her name.

Without going into detail I am just sending out an ALL CALL to everyone I know and well to about ten different online prayer request web sites. ( I know maybe I am crazy but I am scared out of my mind)

Tomorrow morning and well of course tonight but tomorrow morning especially would you if you have time please stop for just a second at 10 am and pray for my Brat Baby.

I am one scared and worried Momma and I know that prayer can be stronger than anything.....even me and I like to think that I am really strong.

I swear if anyone tries to tell you that motherhood is easy or that it gets easier the older they get well..........They are so sadly mistaken!

Papa and Brat Baby would probably die if they knew I was writing asking for your help, well because this is our business but you know what......I am keeping it real and well by golly we need help and I know that with prayer ANYTHING can happen!

Plus don't let anyone tell you that their life is perfect because we all have crap in our closet some of us just choose to keep a deadbolt on the door and some of us are not afraid of company coming by.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh my gosh i am sending a post via text messaging from my phone i know everyone can do it and it is not a big deal but this is my first time happy friday