Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Here's A Short Story Just For You!

I started telling you about our adventure the day we took Lucifer to get his manhood taken from him and then got so busy that I didn't write about it.

So here goes:

When I decided to take Azazel to get fixed I had a hard time finding a vet in town that would be willing to cut upon the devil.

So we had to leave the state where no one knew who we were (or I found someone who did it cheaper and just happened to be in another state, which ever story you like best will work. Personally I like the first story). I was hoping that he could hide his evilness just until we left the doctors office.

Well he didn't have time to show his true colors because as soon as we walked in the door they had a shot of knock you on your tail waiting for him.

So after tears from Not The Baby for having to leave the little devil dog in a sedated state I decided to take the girls to a local restaurant for breakfast.

OK it was the only restaurant in the town.

Man that was the worst food I had ever tasted. That nasty stuff went through me like a dollar worth of gas in a semi truck.

So after I emptied my tank I took the girls to the local park.

Now as we arrived at the park I noticed there was not a parking lot for it, rather you just had to park in the street.

The girls saw a set a teeter totters (sp?) and we all ran to do that first, it's not very often we see those at parks. This however was a small town and an old park.

We had fun on that thing, I on one end, the three girls on the other end.

Dont even go there!

After playing a while I decided to go back to the car and get my drink from the car and on my way back to the car I happened to look up at the street sign that the park was located on and this is what it read:

What the ............


Girls: Momma why are all these cars going by driving really slow for?

Girls: Momma why are all these ladies dressed up like they are going to a party here without their kids?

Momma: Girls dont look at anyone , keep your head down and run for the car!

Yes I am full of poop, I mean I have a purse full of it that I dont know what to do with so I thought I would share some with you.

The park really was on a street called Hooker street though.

So before we left Hooker Park I thought I would take a picture of all of us on Hooker street and I am hoping that this will be the only time that my girls or I will ever associate ourselves with anything that has to do with Hookers.

My Babies on Hooker Street.

Me pulling a Not The Baby on Hooker Street.

Hopfully if you ever run across a Hooker Street it will be as innocent as our Hooker Street.


Heather said...

TOO funny!! (We used to go to see hookers in Tulsa when I was younger... just to go.)

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

LOL@ Heathers idea of family entertainment.

We actually used to live a few blocks from the Hooker Park. Every time I drove by I kept expecting to see my Chihuahua-In-Law there.

Heather said...

You wanna ride with me and my mom tonight to Garfields?

Take a Deep Breath said...

Sure what time will you be leaving?

Heather said...

about 5:00