Friday, October 31, 2008

Thanks To Everyone!

Well all the prayers worked because Baby Girl is up in my face as I write and has been awake for some time!

She is invading my quiet time!!!!!!!!!

She said "Do I need to spell it out for you Momma?"

"I am not sick anymore!"

I told Baby Girl then let me see you eat something!

So she is sitting here in her High School Musical shirt and her panties (by the way I hate that she is reading this right now as I write because she is fighting me about writing that she sleeps with no pants!) eating an apple.

She has deleted it several times but them decided if I would let her have a Popsicle then she would let me write about her pantie bottom only sleeping!

Any how I think that we are off to school today, off to a field trip, and off to collect as much candy as our little legs will allow us to this evening!

I hope that the goblins don't eat you tonight and that you are able to fill your bags full of wholesome sugary goodness!

I really hope Baby Girl gets some of those Mary Jane sticky gooey candy......they are my favorite!

What is your favorite Halloween treat?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vomit, Vomit Everywhere!

I swear it feels like I have called into work every week!

And only one of those were for a mental health day!

I hate having to call in for real illnesses but Baby Girl can not stop vomiting, that poor baby has thrown up five times already through the night.

No fever just up chuck!

So another day of no work and another day of no posting.

Yesterday I did not have a moment to spare to write as I was making two pumpkin cheesecakes and trying to finsih decorating my pumpkin shirt for our classroom pumpkinpatch field trip.

But that was yesterday's fun. Today I get to wash all the vomit blankets, Baby Girl finally soiled our last big blanket last night so Not The Baby and I were left with having to dress for the winter just so we would not freeze in bed.

I know you must be asking yourself why did she just not turn on the heater!

Well because I am cheap and I refuse to turn it on for a while, plus I try to beat out everyone else on turning theirs on to see if I can save more money than them!

I know STUPID!

But thrifty......

Happy Thursday I hope that your day is Vomit Free and when you get a moment say a little prayer for my Baby Girl!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Do You Make Of Your Dreams?

This morning I OVER SLEPT, which stresses me when I do that .

I do blame Papa though since I was awake at 4am having an argument with him before he left for work.

I did not choose to start it mind you, I was sleeping quite nicely.

So after that moment of nightmare I feel into a deep sleep of dreaming.

I was dreaming that the girls were going to be late for school and I was contemplating whether or not to just call into work because we had a disaster happen at our house.

My bedroom ceiling came crashing down, the whole ceiling!

There was a mess everywhere and I could not possibly leave that mess but I had called in once a week already for illnesses and other family affairs and I did not want people to think that I was just calling in because I did not want to work.

I was crying not knowing what to do!

So I decided to go to work and Mrs. F was having a party with the kids and their parents and did not say a word to me about it. I was mad at her for not telling me. And then wait there was this great looking English accent speaking man in our room helping out with the party.

Well hello Mr. Lovely how are you today!


What the heck is that Mr. Lushish Lips?


Wait where are you going sweet thing?


Oh Mr. Sweet Talker your breath reminds me of something......


Oh Mr. Take Me In Your Arms, your hair reminds me of someone I once cared for.


Oh Mr. Body From Heaven Above I'm not much into licking each other but if you want to then call me your....slurp........UUUGGGHHH.......Cough........choke........Hair Ball..........


Did you have to wake me up THIS morning???

Now you don't really think that I licked Rex?

Do You?

Wait a minute don't answer that!

I was not that deep into sleep!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I Think It's All In The Music!

Well I cant believe I am typing on my beloved PC.

Yesterday as I was cleaning up after dinner I notice the Baby Girls ipod changed the screen (and it was plugged into the computer) so I thought what the heck, I will try for the 100th time to start the computer again.

And guess, what it started!

All of the kids are scared to touch it, heck I am scared to touch it.

But I am so proud of myself because I did not freak out!

Normally something like this would throw me into a frenzy!

Because that would mean $$$ and what if they could not fix it and then that would mean more $$$$.

But not me, I didn't have a freak out moment and so I am just so proud of myself.

Probably because I have had so many of those moments when I really did need to freak out.

I do think that i tunes is out to get me though, I mean why is it so touchy?

Do I not tell it how much I love it enough.

I mean who could not love something that will give you any song in the world that you want in a matter of seconds for you to dance and sing badly to as often as you want.

I think I will sing I will sing it a love song and see if will start being nicer to me!

Then again according to Not The Baby maybe I should keep my voice to myself!

Sing your favorite song today LOUD and either badly or good if you like either way SING IT!

Happy Singing Monday!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

It Is A Sad Day In My House!

My beloved computer is not working, it will not even turn on and I am beyond words.

I have nothing to say, I can not imagine life with out my friend the PC.

I will call a doctor tomorrow to see if he can help me!

Please keep me in mind!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Now The Truth Comes Out!

Now that Baby Boy is 20 and in college for some reason he feels like he should confess all those things that he did in high school to me (Like I want to know).

Now before I go on I remember Baby Boy getting into some trouble with a assistant principal one time for having a argument with another student.

I told that principal that I wish that I could be a fly on the wall so that I could see everything thing that my children do.

His response was: "No you don't"

At the time I thought what a bold A-hole he is!

But now I know what he is talking about and No I do not want to be a fly on any wall much less my own flesh and bloods wall!

Those of you who's kids are still young may still wish to be a fly but trust me later on you will see that being a fly would be no fun.

Kids are going to do and say things that they don't really want to do or say when their peers are around.

I will tell you this though Baby Boy made me a lot smarter and more skeptical.

Am I a master ?

Oh I would like to think that I would be a master at this parenting stuff by the time that Baby Girl hits the streets as a teen humanoid but shoot who am I foolin?

Each child is full of their own little tricks and treats so I will have to continue to take each day like a ninja waiting for her next battle.

Armed and Ready this Momma is! (I think)

Would you like to hear a story that Baby Boy chose to share with me?

"In his last year of high school Baby Boy and he best friend (whom I love dearly but since have learned that he was not the best of influences but still I love him) were driving around the mall when all of a sudden Baby Boy spotted his sister in a truck with a BOY!

(Ok I can tell you that two years ago Baby Girl was not allowed in any ones truck much less a boy's)

So Baby Boy slammed on the brakes and threw the big caddy in park. Walked over to the driver and ever so gently pulled the male truck driver out of his fuel suckin four wheel drive. Then his best friend came over to his assistance. And then................

That is where I asked him to end his story!

We had dear Miss S. with us and we were at a restaurant and I frankly did not want him to continue right then and there.

Oh the crazy stuff that happens in this house!

And just think Baby Boy is going to move back home and go to a school locally for a whole semester before transferring to a four year mega bucks school!!

Please just say a prayer every time you see me or think of me, because trust me I will need it.

Happy Ninja Friday!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Bathroom Is A Confessional

When you live in a small house occupied by six people and one bathroom there really is no privacy, anywhere!

Which is fine with me because I have this little issue of not being able to shut the bathroom door.

Part of it is simply what if someone else needs something, what if you are not using the toilet and someone else needs to go really bad.

I think it is rude to lock the door while you are in the shower at our house because you never know when someone else is going to have to GO!

But not only that but all of my kids find that when Momma is in the bathroom that it would be the perfect time to have a conversation with me.

Probably because they know that is the one place that I can not get occupied with any distractions and can give them my full attention.

I can be in the bath and any of them at any given time will walk in and tell me their problems or something funny that happened.

I guess it is kind of my fault since we are not very shy.

I frequently walk around the house getting dressed, just ask Picture Momma (she happened to show up in my living room when I was walking in with no pants on!)

There is no question about the size of my a** in my house we all know it!

Anyway I am getting lost here in the moon.

I really wish I could video Baby Girl when she is in the bathroom taking a bath simply because she really gets with her stories when she is taking a bath.

They go something like this:

Baby Girl: Momma did you know that is boy was chasing me on the playground yesterday?

Momma: Really?.....Did you know that if you don't run they cant chase?

Baby Girl: Momma! Just listen!

Momma: Sorry

Baby Girl: See Momma there is this fourth grader who likes me...

Momma: What! What kind of fourth grader likes a second grader, stay away from the cradle robber!

Baby Girl: What?

Momma: Oh nothing, just stay away from him!

Baby Girl: Well he likes to chase me so when I get tired of these boys chasing me I just go and stand by my teacher, then I look at them and say "Uhh Huhh, now what are you going to do there big boy, I am safe by the teacher, what you goin to do now!"

Momma: Smart, Baby Girl

Baby Girl: I told those boys they better pick on somebody their own size!

Momma: Baby Girl have I told you how much I love you?

Baby Girl: Yes Momma only about a million times!

Momma: Promise me you will always be YOU!

Baby Girl: Well what else could I be?

Momma: Oh you will find out later in life honey how hard it is just to be YOU!

Happy Be Yourself Thursday!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Under The Weather!

As it is storming outside Not The Baby is feeling very sick!

So I am going to try to get her to the doctor today if they will see us.

Please say a little prayer for her.

She has been up throwing up all night!

I hate it when the kids are sick!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Have Been Working On This For Days...

Instead of writing this morning I am trying to finish the new Indiana Jones movie that I have had from Redbox for a week!

I am so terrible about not being able to sit still for a whole movie.

So since I am trying to finish it I thought I would share a couple of picture with you that I took this last weekend

Baby Girl was not open to listening to Baby Boy about having a better attitude.
Tell Her Baby Boy!
Happy Tuesday all!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh My Gosh She Is Home!

Finally a day off for Brat Baby!

So all the girls, myself and Rex went for a walk downtown.

I love it when all the girls get together, I hope that we are able to do this when they are grown and out on their own.

I am so glad that Brat Baby is wanting to stay close for college then that gives me a little while longer with her!

I know I have an illness but hey I have had a very rough weekend so be nice and don't tell me about myself.

You can see how windy it was between the buildings!

Have a great Monday everyone.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who Are You?

I told you how Thursday night Baby Boy ended up in the ER with abdominal pain and was miss led on what his problem was and then I got a phone call Friday morning and he was at the hospital again so I went and picked him up and brought him home so that he can try to pass this kidney stone, which by the way he has not passed yet!

When we got to the hospital I was walking up to the ER and Baby Boy was just walking out.

I went to him as quickly as I could but the closer I got to him the more that I was convinced that it was not my Baby Boy.

This child had something wrong with him:

Are you seeing what I am seeing?

The nails!

This must obviously be a girl!

It has black nail polish on.

But why would Baby Girl be taking nail polish remover to this stranger and in our in home!

That's because those painted black nails belonged to none other than my Baby Boy!

Apparently a couple of girl friends of his thought it would be funny for them to paint his nails and go up to the local crap-mart and play Rock Band II kind of as a joke for those teens that are there playing as if they have really hit the mother load and are currently on tour.

The bad part is that he had to go to the hospital with that stuff on and he said he was so embarrassed.

I took it as a challenge for myself.

I told myself a long time ago that if any of my kids turned out to love the same sex that I would deal with it and except it and love them all the same. Even though I know he loves, loves, loves the girls!

But Oh my Gosh, I could not handle the nail polish, I mean I could not look him in the face with out saying.......GET IT OFF!

So as soon as we got home I told him where the nail polish remover was and well he was not moving fast enough so Baby Girl took it off for him.

Isn't it funny what little things bother us, I mean he has two earrings and that does not bother me.

You know that having two earrings is in now for boys but not when I was a teenager, if you wore two.....well you were swinging for the other team.

But hey what do I know .

I am just an old lady.

Have a great Sunday!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sometimes Life Throws Some Stones In Your Path And Then Sometimes Life Throws Some Stones Inside Ya!

Last Night I got a call from Baby Boy that he was a little swollen down in his private area and he wanted to know if we could afford for him to go to the doctor.

I told him that we have reached the 100% mark on insurance this year and so if he has a pimple on his a** to go to the doctor.

So Baby Boy went to the ER and they told him he might have a bladder infection and gave him a shot and some medication.

I said "What do they mean you might?"

They should be able to tell if you have one.

Any how he went back to his dorm to sleep it off.

Then the phone rang around 7am and it was a nurse at the emergency room and told me they had my Baby Boy.


Well apparently they discovered the he has a kidney stone.

So I woke up all the girls and dressed and headed for the 45 minute drive.

I am currently nursing my Baby Boy and hoping that the stone passes soon and with out a lot of problems.

So if you have a free moment say a little prayer that everything moves quickly through the passages of Baby Boy.........Yuck I hate this kind of stuff!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ain't They Cute!

I am feeling very Martha this break.

Well not as Martha as I used to feel but still a little Martha.

Yesterday Baby Girl spent the whole afternoon and evening with friends and Brat Baby was working her tail off again earning lots of new clothing!

That left Not The Baby and I all alone together, which now that I think about it does not happen very often and she and I needed that.

We went shopping (not the fun kind like for clothes or anything like that) for groceries and coupon shopping which I am so glad that the kids normally support my coupon shopping and don't complain much or get embarrassed if some stupid idiot turns down my Internet printed coupon only because they are a moron and have not heard of the computer before........ Sorry I had two bad coupon experiences yesterday.

We also went to Hobby Lobby to get some stuff that I have been waiting for them to put out a 40% off coupon so I could get it cheaper.

They only let you use one coupon per customer per day. So I had Not The Baby use one too.

Here is what we made with our 40% off stuff:

These are hair clips made with fabric and buttons. Not The Baby and I had fun making these and the other girls were mad that we did them without them.

We will be making more of these and you can bet that all their little friends will be getting these for Christmas!

Have a great Thursday and let me know if you get a little Martha feeling and tackle something that maybe we would like to try also.

If you want to know how we made these I would be happy to let you know.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Can I Get An Amen!

I am on Break!

Hey guess what?

I am on break!

Oh did I tell you?

I am on Break!

FALL BREAK that is!

So I kind of forgot that I usually get up and write a blog before getting ready for work.

Man I love my job!

Now do I love the fact that it takes me a whole month to earn what Papa earns in one week?

Heck No!

But guess what?

Papa does not get fall break , thanksgiving break, Christmas break, spring break or out of work when the snow has covered the roads.

Nor does Papa get eight sick days a year or a Personal day, heck Papa does not even get the holidays off.

So I just want to let everyone know that I LOVE MY LOW PAYING JOB!

Hey and I bet the average person does not get told every single day at work that their hair looks nice, their shirt is pretty and heck I have even been told I smell good.

Top that with your high payin job (ok maybe not high paying but higher than mine) Papa!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Messed Up!

So I chose to say some things today that were not necessary and I did not keep to my word of "If I have nothing nice to say then I will say nothing at all."

So I am going to try again tomorrow!

Better luck next time!

Try and Try again!

If first you don't succeed then try try again!

Never give up!

Got any other words of encouragement for me?

I Must Not Speak!

I know today I promised to speak kind words about Brat Baby since she thinks that I don't talk enough about her.

Then yesterday when she left for school she was rude!

When I got home she was rude!

When I picked her up from work she was rude!

I love my Brat Baby but I think it is a good time to go by what my mother always told me, "If you don's have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all."

So mum is the word of the day for me.

I will pratice it anytime a rude thought comes to my mind at work as well.

Heck I will even keep all my rude thoughts about Papa in my head too.

No ugly stuff from me today only pleasentness.

May The Force be with me today. (I wish Luke Skywalker could come and help me with this, was he not the cutest thing back in the day?)

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm In Big Big Trouble!

Yesterday the girls and I drove an hour for Not The Babies soccer game. (which she happened to kick butt at!)

While we were leaving the girls spotted this young man mowing a yard, he had his shirt off and shorts on.

The girls right away noticed that this poor boy was way too skinny.

I explained that some people just cant gain weight (the butt heads...that includes you P.M.)

Then Baby Girl chimes in:

Baby Girl: I am glad that I am a little chunky!

we all giggle

Baby Girl: The boys obviously like it too!

Ok Not Funny.

Baby Girl you may not leave the house until you have graduated from online University and have been working from our home earning you first $100,000 or better before I let you out!

I swear I don't know why I deserve this, my mother said I was a bad baby but have I not paid my dues!

Next time you are at church and they ask if anyone has any prayer request, go ahead and say my name.

*Please not that after Brat Baby read this blog she was angry at me for not mentioning that she had commented that she wanted to put Baby Girl in the dungeon. And that I don't talk enough about her. So my next blog will be all about Brat Baby.......sometimes I feel bad about calling her Brat Baby and then again sometimes I don't.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

And She Said She Didnt Want To Go!

Yesterday Baby Girl and I were all alone for the whole day since Brat Baby was working and Not The Baby was staying with her BFF No Sugar For Me Girl.

A local historial site that houses a muesum in it was holding a festival and luckily we were done with soccer for the afternoon. Baby Girl's reaction to me taking her to it was "How boring, I dont want to go!"

I told her to zip it and she was going and she was going to like it!

The theme was recycling and we got to see some really cool art work that was all made with recyclable material.

There were so many fun crafts for the kids to do as well like this one:

This was a canvas that was like a paint by number only you chewed a piece of gum color of your choice and then placed it on that number on the canvas..Sounds gross I know but it really was fun.

My gum had little pieces of free popcorn kernals in it, now that is gross!

Then there was this lady that was trying to do who knows what to my Baby:

Get off my Baby you sorry lady you!

Oh Ok, well still it looks like she was putting a death grip on your poor little head.

All and all we had the best time ever and I wish we could have stayed longer but we went and had lunch with Brat Baby and then had shopping to do and more soccer!

Baby Girl's reaction to the festival was:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Know It's Saturday!

I normally write nothing on the weekends because I am just too busy with the kids to even think about writing but Brat Baby has to be at work before 8am so I thought I better get up and have coffee before going behind the wheel.

Plus Baby Girl lost a tooth yesterday and well the Tooth Fairy had to respond to a note she left. I just wanted to make sure that she visited and did not disappoint my little toothless toe head.

More to come on Tooth Fairy notes...........

I hope you have a great Saturday!

I'm going to watch some SOCCER....

I think I will learn a new song to sing to my soccer players like they do over in England.

Here goes:

Good old Arsenal,Good old Arsenal,we're proud to say that name.And while we sing this song,we'll win the game.Who's that team they call the Arsenal?Who's that team we all adore?They're the boys in red and white,And where f***ing dynomite,'cos Georgy Grahams mother is awhooore,yeah she's a whore, yeah shes awhoooreChim-Chimeny Chim-ChimenyChim-Chim-Chero Who Needs Anelka When We Got KanuVieira wo o e o, Vieira wo o eo,he comes from Senengal,he plays for Arsenal,Vieira wo o e o, VieiraHe's blond, Hes quickHis names a porno flick,emmanuel, emmanuel

I am telling the truth this came from a soccer website.

I was thinking that I could change the team name and throw in a few kids names in stead of Arsenal's teammates.

Do you think that I would get thrown out of the park?

I think I might too.

That is what is wrong with America.

No passion!

Here is my ideal vacation in case you wanted to know:

Go to England to see the Arsenal team play and sing this song while I chug down a few.
(well it cant be beer because I just don't like the taste of that you think they have Coke Zero over there?)

Anyway have a great Saturday and let me know if you come up with a good soccer song, I need one.

Friday, October 10, 2008

True Love At It's Best......

Just the other day Baby Girl came home with a note, not just any kind of note though.

This was of a love kind.

Now before I let you in on all the juicy details of this love note I must give you some back ground of Baby Girl and her mesmerizing ability.

Since Baby Girl started pre-k she had all the boys in love with her as a matter of fact her teacher said that she had seen nothing like it before.

Baby Girl has this way of making every boy she meets fall in love with her.

I swear I am not making this up.

For instance she frequently comes home with gifts:


(and fresh ones at that)


jewel stones

stuffed animals

You name it she has been given it.

So when she came home with this note, it was no surprise to me.

Now of course I have covered the names on this note to save both parties the embarrassment.

And I am sure that you will keep this just between you and me that I posted this on my blog right?

Otherwise my life could be in danger, I mean Baby Girl is getting bigger and she may just try to take me out.

The last time I wrote something that she did not approve of......well lets just say that I had a lot of explaining to do and I am way to tired to try to explain to her how she will think this is cute one day.

So here goes:

I know it is hard to read and I cant seem to get it to adjust any so I will tell you what it says myself:

Dear Baby Girl,

You are the cuttest girl i have ever met in the world and i like your white dress that you were to bing third saturday night and are super beautiful.

Boy in love

The dress that he is talking about will soon be posted on my blog, it is a dress that should only be wore to something like a royal ball or a wedding that she is in or oh I don't know a inauguration of herself as the new president.

But guess where we had the first chance to wear it to was a smoke filled bingo hall for a school fundraiser, man did we stick out like a sore thumb.

But Baby Girl pranced around like she was in dress heaven.

Man am I ever in trouble!

The sad thing for me though is that Not The Baby has the same effect on boys!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Medication Please!

I have told you all about Not The Baby and her many fears, but I don't think that I have told you about Not The Baby and her hyperness.

It is really starting to concern me.

When she was a just a little toddler she would get really hyper when she was sleepy, oh my gosh was she ever funny.

Now however Not The Baby seems to be the class clown, the dog riding in the car with her head stuck out the window, the kid with ants in his pants, and the smart ass that has a come back for EVERYTHING. (that she got from her father, but I am afraid she is even better at it than he was)

Yesterday we were driving around town running a few errands when she randomly starts making comments to people we were passing or people we were next to while stopped at a traffic light.

Like this one:

Not The Baby: Sweeeet Car

Brat Baby: Oooo I don't like it.

Not The Baby: What ! Sweeeet Car.

(Next to us at a traffic light is a lady in a really sweet little sports car, thankfully her window is rolled up, even though if I had a sweet car like hers I would let the wind blow through my hair and think that I was hot stuff, not her though she looked a little stuffy)


(ok at this point she is getting a little loud and the upper part of her body is starting to hang from the window, damn what is taking these light so long to change)

Just when I thought that maybe the lady might be listening to some really cool music in there and not be able to hear my seriously obnoxious child she turns to look at us. Not The Baby then of course feels the need to give her a thumbs up, air high five , a peace sign and what ever else she can manage for the lady to see before we race off the other direction.

I should have know that Miss Stuffy pants would not be listening to some cool loud music while sitting in her cool red sports car.

Next time lady you should just crank it up!

Now all the way down the road Not The Baby is finding a reason to speak to each and every human being that we pass.

I however attempt to put the shut your mouth death grip on her knee.

But since she is my child and we do not give up easily she only seemed to get louder.

This is the way my whole evening out went.

The maddening thing about it is that most of time I cant get onto her because she is cracking me up!

I have always wanted to invent shock collars for kids, anyone like to help out an entrepreneur?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Have I Told You How Much I Love You?

When I was a little girl I would not say shit if I had mouth full.

My father was the type that you did not speak back to , which I have no problem with but he was also the type of man that you did not give your opinion to and you can guarantee that my opinion was never asked for.

My mother was one that when you felt really brave you might tell her what you think but only with one eye open and never looking at her with the opened eye.

No they were not abusive, but they were stern.

My way of getting mad and throwing a fit would mean that I would just stop talking. I mean seriously not speak at all, not even to myself in my own room with closed doors.

After getting married, I tried the whole throwing a silent fit any time that I got mad at Papa but he didn't seem to care that I would stop talking to him for days. As a matter of fact he seemed to enjoy it. Then I quickly learned that Papa loved it when I stopped talking to him, I mean it was like he had died and gone to man heaven.

So slowly year after year I would express myself, learning how to manage my words in a way that may throw him for a loop or two.

Now I like to think that I am able to knock him of his feet with my way of words.

That is if I can get past the anger first and make the sailor in me take a step back and really tell someone what I am feeling other than let my tongue roll like a kid on roller coaster.

The fact is that I can now talk a persons ear off.

Could it be all those years that I held it in, only keeping my thoughts to myself that suddenly I am compelled to give my thoughts on almost anything and everything.

When I am at work I almost fear walking down the hall because I know if I see someone I must ask them how they are doing and really have a meaningful conversation with them even if I am really in a hurry to get back to the classroom.

I do want to know how they are doing.

Really I do.

If they need someone to talk to, I want to listen to what they have to say.

Really I do.

In return for all my listening and talking I have met some really wonderful people that I call my friends.

And today I had a conversation with someone that I have called my friend for many years.

This friend makes me take a look at myself and asks me really what is it that I want out of this life.

This friend re-energizes me to thinking that I can keep up the fight of life and all its knocks and bumps and come out stronger and more powerful than before.

All the while he is listening to my woes I know he has many other things that he needs to tend to but he listens to each every word that I say.

Who doesn't need a friend like this.

I am blessed with friends whom I know will and have come to my aide when ever I need them.
(You know who you are....Picture Momma)

I just want those people to know how much I love them and how I feel so blessed that they are a part of my life, whether or not we keep in touch once a week or once a year.

My children are the backbone of my strength but filling up all those other spots that I may be week in are my friends, my amigo's, my amico, my péngyou, my ven, my ami.

Regardless of how your language pronounces friend the meaning is the same across the world.

I hope that each of you have a friend that you cherish.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Another weekend has come and gone.

I swear that Mother Time must push that clock faster on the weekend because they go by way too fast.

This weekend I was able to watch my kids play four soccer games, make money off of Walgreen's, not do much cooking (other than those yummy homemade waffles), have yet another conversation with Baby Boy about life, make a pretty flower bouquet from my overgrown used to be vegetable garden turned all flower garden, listen to the kids grip about how hot they think the house is and why am I not turning on the ac, watch a local football team get creamed again, run Brat Baby back and fourth to work, wash 50 loads of laundry (alright maybe not 50), and well I am sure I am missing something!

Oh and help Baby Girl build a fairy house!

Pictures of the fairy house are soon to come.

How was your weekend?

Can you top my fairy house construction?

I am hoping that the money fairy will visit, or the medication fairy bringing me sanity medicine.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Help Me I Am Too Tired

I am used to going all the time.

When Baby Boy was younger he played every sport that he could play at one time so I am really used to going.

But lately I am about to be beat in this crazy running game.

I don't know what is wrong with me I mean I used to drive 2 hours just to get Baby Boy to and from his soccer team.

But I am having to stay up after my bed time (8:30-9:30pm) to pick up Brat Baby at her job.

Which is putting me home any where from 10:20-10:30 on a school night and I am not handling it well.

First of all I think I need several more hours in the day so that I can get everything done that I need done.

So I used to wake up at 5am but not it has been 5:30 and now this morning I could not get myself out of bed until 6:20!!!!

If I was a drug kind of woman I would be getting me something, but since I am not I have got to find a way to catch up.

Man a mental health day away from work sounds good, but I love my job so I would feel bad about taking it.

Plus it's Friday so I am going to tell myself to SUCK IT UP!

Sorry about the boring post but my brain could not get past the fact that it is tired.

I guess I was looking for sympathy, Lord knows I don't get it here at home!

I hope your Friday is fully rested and wide awake.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Is That Child Appropriate?

This summer my friend Heather got me hooked on Mamma Mia.

A group of us went to the movies to see it and I thought it was great.

I love musicals.

I love to sing. (no I have no voice at all)

I love every kind of music!

When the Hairspray play came to town I have an awesome friend who got my girls and I tickets for it!

You rock Morris!

We are nuts about musicals.

So on Sunday Heather invited a bunch of ladies to go to the $2 theater with their daughters and watch Mamma Mia.

I took Not The Baby and Baby Girl. (Brat Baby was working)

Now this was this last weekend when Baby Boy was home.

So I invited him to come also but he had several papers for college to write so he chose to stay home and do those.

Good Idea!

But as we are getting ready he says to me:

Baby Boy: Are you really taking Baby Girl to see a movie about a tramp who does not know which of three men is the father of her daughter?

Momma: Huh? (me playing dumb)

Baby Boy: I mean what kind of message is that Momma?

Momma: She got luckier than me??? (me playing a smart ass Baby Boy)

Baby Boy: Momma I am serious!

Momma: Ok, I was joking. She obviously is a tramp. But we are going for the music.

Baby Boy: You would have never let me see anything like that, and I will not let me girls when I have them ever see anything like that.

Momma: Yes sweetheart, I understand where you are coming from but have you ever heard how addicting these songs are?

Baby Boy: Momma, I don't know what I am going to do with you!

Momma: Just love me babe and remember that I love you too.

Now can you see what I was talking about.

I told you that I raised him with the mind set of June Cleaver and this is living proof.

And remember I told you that I am more like the Hippie Momma now, or at least I think I am.

Well last night as Baby Girl was taking a bath she sang me a song that she wrote and when she ended the song she crossed her arms over her chest and put up her two first fingers on each hand up and said:


So on this Thursday I say to you as the June want a be Momma "Have the most delightful day!"



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Would You Like Cheese With That?

The other night when the Babies and I were out to eat this story that makes you laugh and cringe happened to come up.

Ten years ago when Not The Baby was just a toddler we went to sonic for a quick lunch.

I ordered a corn dog.

We were sitting in the car eating our fried goodness (that makes you fell sick when you are done eating it) when Not The Baby says to me : "Oh does that have cheese in it?"

Momma: What?

I look down at my corn dog and there is this long stand of what looks like cheese but it is rather a strand of SLOBBER!

Momma: Oh my no it is slobber.

Not The Baby comes unglued and still to this day ten years later if anyone asks if it has cheese in it she feels compelled to bring this embarrassing story to surface.

I guess I have over active salivary glands?

Funny how MY stupid stories never seem to get old to these people I live with!