Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thought Provoking

I went to a writers workshop headed up by a dear friend of mine.

Every time I am around this friend he leaves me in thought.

He leaves me feeling like there is a whole world at my finger tips just waiting for me to take a turn at.

Even though this is nothing that I don't already know, because I know that anyone can do anything and be anyone.

But we get lost in our daily lives of just being.

We get lost in the day to day rat race and though I would not change it for the world. I know that someday there will not be babies at home to raise and mouths to feed other than my own.

There will not be daily drama to deal with or sibling rivalry to control.

One day there will be just me.

Will I still always just be Momma?

And JUST seems like a word I should not use because to me Momma means everything.

There is no star brighter than a Mom. There is no man on earth that could take my place and so to use the word JUST seems belittling.

Or will I become something else, someone else or just find another part of me that I have yet to explore.

Or will I just dream about those things that I wanted to try, or envoy those that took the leap.

There are days that I wake up and see myself as someone who is yet to find her path. Then there are days that I wake up and say to myself, who could ask for anything more.

I feel comfort in the days of complete contentness.

I feel edgy on the days that I seek fulfillment.

So then I find myself walking around somewhere in the middle of both emotions.

Really I don't think one lifetime is enough to do everything I want to do and as I sat here I hear the clock ticking and I tell myself that life is to short for dreams only.

Then my babies walk in the room and tell me how much they love me and I think that I could die the happiest person on earth at that very moment.

Gawd I hate it when I think too much..................I need to just go to bed and dream happy content dreams. No sky diving in this dream!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If I Am This Bad At Thrity Something .......

My memory is about as good as a lady living out her 99th year in a rocking chair next to her window.

Sometimes I worry about it and think "you know maybe I should see a doctor!"

Then there are other times I just think, "no Momma you just need to focus better!"

Then there are times when my family makes me feel like a complete fool "Gosh Momma you don't remember anything I tell you do you?"

Papa however uses it to his advantage and says things like "Oh don't you remember I told you that I was going to be late getting home tonight?"


I know he is full of crap.

Now here is where it comes in handy for the kids.

Momma: Not The Baby you are grounded!

Not The Baby: no comment

Next day:

Not The Baby: Hey Momma can you take me to the basketball game?

Momma: What time?

I actually get her there and drop her off and then go.......

Momma: What the crap.......she just pulled a fast one on me!

Or Papa waits until I get back and says something like

Papa: I thought she was grounded?

Momma: Don't you know I forget ........damn tell me sooner what it is I told these kids!

I would like to think that this type of behavior is normal.

That Mommas around the world are forgetting what they say or do.

I mean really it is the children's fault that I am losing my mind.

Well that and Papas.

Maybe I should try some herbal remedy.

Drugs scare me so I think that I could not bring myself to ask the doctor for help.

Plus who wants to pay the doctor to tell you there is nothing wrong with you, or better yet my luck would be:

Doctor: Oh dear honey you should have gotten to me head is due to explode within the next two weeks and you will be a goner.

The doctor.....that is whole other blog about that fear!!!!!!!!

I swear I am getting worse by the day.

So help me...... make me feel better about myself.......hell lie to me if you have to.

Just let me know that I am not the only fool out there that would loose her head if it was not attached.

Happy Hang On To Your Head Tuesday!

Monday, February 23, 2009

It Was All About The Brat Baby

That's right my Brat Baby just hit the big 17!

I would love to say that she had a great birthday with lots of smiles and joyfulness all around her but she pretty much lived up to her name!

Even though everyone in the house tried to pull out of her why she was not so happy on her day she refused to say why!

I did however get her to smile a moment for this beautiful shot.

Oh the life of a teenage drama queen!

One day she will grow up and hopefully see that life was not near as drama filled as she once thought it was.

I love you Brat Baby!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Never Enough!

Time that is!

There has been so many little stories that I want to share with you and yet with Azazel's birthday and Brat Baby having a birthday next week and well the holiday of sweethearts upon us, I simply can not get enough time in the day!

Ok so I am stretching it a little using Valentines day as an excuse seeing that Papa does not have a sweet loving bone in his body to think of his one and only woman for the last 21 years!

That is why I along with many other woman in this world will be out buying her own Valentine gift!

What should I buy myself this year?

So I promise to post this weekend for I am longing to write but right now I still have to finish my valentine cards to my kids in class.

Happy Friday and I hope your loved one remembers you on the big V-Day!

Monday, February 2, 2009

What Does The Hog Say?

What day is it?

You got it Ground Hog Day!

I woke Baby Girl at 6:30 to watch Phil come out of his stump and see if he was to see his shadow.

Well in case you have not heard.

Here is what Phil saw:

Phil was happy for his Steelers and unfortunately saw his shadow!

Sorry my dear friends but that means 6 more weeks of winter!

Happy Ground Hog Day!