Monday, June 30, 2008

Here's To You Chief Silver Fox

Chief Silver Fox

OK so I was supposed to do this several days ago for my dear sister.

But since I chose to go to Kidsfest instead sister had to wait a few days.

Here we are with my late Grandmother and my cousin Greg. I am the cute one standing.

Our mom made those dresses don't you know.

Here is Chief Silver Fox getting her candy fix. I think I borrowed some of her candy, since I liked to save mine until it got rock hard and you had to throw it away. I would do the same thing at Christmas with my fruit I would get in my stocking. The oranges would rot before I would eat them.

Ok I am sorry for what I am about to say but we all look like we have been smoking some happy grass here.

Mom has this whole bleach out bar do and I look part boy and where and the hell is that arrow pointing to???

Mom why would you let me wear that?

Little Orphan Annie there is lookin way too happy about that sucker she has!

Now lets look at this one!

Chief Silver Fox can be seen looking oh so cute and lovely with our cat angel while Benji and I are almost cut out of the photo.....common photo taking mistake???

I don't think so!

So since you are momma's sweet baby girl I had to throw this one in there. Is this the face you made when you found your little tribe trying to drown the cat in the washer?

Sorry about the previous picture, here is one to make up for that one. Look at her isn't she cute, you would never know that this little red headed sweet heart could grow up and be such a pain in the rear.

I hope that you had the best birthday ever sis and I am so sorry for telling you as a child that the nurses at the hospital said you were the ugliest baby they had ever seen and that they could not let me go because I was so cute.

Forgive me for feeding you lines of crap like, "you were adopted and we tried to take you back but they did not want you back."

I was young and dumb and hey what can I say, I was dumb.

I should not have told you the truth like that I should have just kept it to myself!


You are beautiful and I love you.

Love me,



pnny said...

I was laughing until I was crying...not a good scene at work! I forgot about Orphan Annie. I can't wait to see what pics Chief will post of Momma. Brought back memories of you two cuties! Can't wait to show this to Papa Bear tonight at my house. Have a great day!

Heather said...

How cute!!

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

She was adorable!

Speaking from experience as a red headed child of the late 70's-80's.

If you had red hair, you simply HAD to rock Orphan Annie at one point. It was expected.

Now Pnny, I don't have acess to Chief Silver Foxs blog. If she posts some pics of Momma, I want to see them. I have a series of pics of Momma falling off a huge rock at the zoo I'd be willing to exchange. ;) (If the mood strikes me, I'm thinking of turning these into an animated .gif.)

And Momma, is the Son of Lucifer the one who dug up your bush????

Take a Deep Breath said...

Azazel was the one who dug up my bush.
I would suggest you not make those pictures public for the sake of friendship!

tmmy said...

Hope you had a good B'day Cuz. Remember I am younger than you not by much but still younger. I like the pics. Brings back memories. How about doing some Ghostbusting?

pnny said...

Ok it is about 10 hours later and I just showed the pics to Papa Bear. I still started laughing until I was crying between the pics and the comments. Ok - Chief Silver Fox --- where is your comment? Even Tmmy commented! Yeah for Ghostbusters memories - I bet they are still in the basement of that house in the town North of where Momma now lives. I'll let you know Picture Momma if Chief posts some pics of Momma.

Take a Deep Breath said...

Yeah tmmy for commenting. I was just sitting here writing my blog for tomorrow and I thought I would log in and see if Chief Silver Fox had commented.
To all my peeps out there let me know what you think.
I love, love, love reading your comments.
It makes me smile!

Chief Silver Fox said...

I'm puttin on my war paint!

I will be opening up my blog for all to see!

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

OK this comment is serving 2 purposes.

I want to get a post of yours above 10 comments, someone help me out with the tenth one!

Also, I want to say a big YAY for the Cheif opening up her blog. This should be fun for all.

Now I'm curious about the Ghostbusters thing. Did Momma once dress up as Egon? I can see it.

Take care of Little Miss tonight and don't let her eat you out of house and home.

pnny said...

Woo-hoo war paint! You all crack me up! This is better then a soap opera!

Take a Deep Breath said...

War Paint...War Paint.....
What the heck are you talkin about woman.
I thought I was very nice!
I said I love you and that you are beautiful.
Did you read the same blog that I wrote.

Who ya gonna call?

Oh and the girls are in the shower as I speak, or I guess as I type