Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Ship Is Coming In To Dock!

Forgive me for not being able to tell you yet of all the fun I had yesterday celebrating the 4th.

That is because Christopher Columbus (aka Baby Boy) is on his way home as I type.

I am frantically cleaning the house throwing out orders to the help (the babies) as to how to help me get this house in order.

Wish me luck.

Forget that, say a prayer please that the next thirty days goes way better than the last thirty days we had with Baby Boy.

For that matter since I have four bambinos just say a prayer for me everyday of my life, If you have time to think of me that is!

I will do the same for you!

Happy July 5th!


Heidi said...

Sending them up as we speak - have a great day!!!

Take a Deep Breath said...

Thanks Heidi!

Heather said...

Yeah for you!!! I'm sure it will be MUCHO better as he realizes just what a great home he really does have!