Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Morning Beauty

Well after my long day of working around the house being a little Betty Homemaker I was exhausted.

But I could not resist getting up and checking on my jam that sat on my counter last night.

It looks beautiful!

So guess what Baby Girl and I did?

We made biscuits.

Man were they beautiful.

I really think that food turns out so much better when it is made with loving hands.

So my lesson for today is:

I know you are thinking , what lesson, who said you were giving lessons?

Just go with it.

Get your kids in the kitchen, get your kids in the garden, get your kids into whatever it is that you like to do and teach them what you know.

Even if they think that they dont like it.

Even if they say they would rather finish their show they are watching.

Even if they grip the whole time they are doing it.

Then keep making them help you, and one day it will come naturally to them and your heart will smile when you see your parenting pay off.

Ok, there it is my words of wisdom for the day.

Did I ever tell you that I always wanted to be a Walton and live on Waltons Moutain?


Anonymous said...

I could not agree more! I am determined to teach even AJ to sew with a real life machine. (he actually has more interest than samie) The kids love to see the garden growing and see what comes out of it. AJ has decided he likes tomatoes because of this. Beautiful breakfast you had!

(i have some apple recipes that I will send you)

Heather said...

Looks yummy, John-boy! (We don't even have a stove right now!)