Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday Has Kicked My Tail!

The day started out a little stressful when I tried to make homemade pasta.

Why you ask, well because I like to make things fresh and I bought a pasta maker from Italy at a garage sale for $2.

Well guess what, I did it and it was easy and great tasting.

That Italian girl on Food Network has nothing on me.

Except a way better body than mine, but who cares she probably doesn't have kids that drive her to excess eating damn it.

So because I did that I have a major neck pain right now.

Plus I had to go shopping and I hate to go shopping because it is tiring, and if I am going to get all tired out then I want it to be because I have done something that is accomplishing, something around the house.

You know like making fresh pasta.

Oh and the great news of the day is I bought a iron bed for Brat Baby for her new room.

We have been searching every where imaginable all summer and we found one in my old stomping grounds at an antique store today.

The best part is I got to haggle with the lady on the price.

I only got her to take off $15 but hey that is OK because we still got a steal.

Sad news:

Baby Boy is driving me a little crazy and so I am thinking of secretly counting down the days until he goes back to college.

I said thinking about it!

I'm not actually ready to start counting down just yet, because I know I am going to cry my eyes out when he leaves and we wont see him until Turkey Day.

I guess I could count down the days until I turn 30 something.......I cant actually remember how old I am.

Humm, could that be because I don't want to know or could that be because I have already lost my freakin mind because being married to Papa and giving birth to four offspring that carry his blood inside of them is what has made me just a little crazy.

I am voting for the later of the two.

Oh darn I just remembered I have forgotten to tell you about this hooker I saw and the ghost in the antique store.

Darn and I am out of time and energy and Brat Baby will be in here any minute to kick me out of her room.

I am in desperate need for a lap top.

I need to take up donations.

For every stupid story I tell on myself, that could be worth a dollar!!

I have lots.

As a matter of fact the kids just reminded me yesterday of a dumb thing that happened years ago involving something that smelled really really bad.

But that will have to be for another day.

Sleep well.

I know I need it, for tomorrow I have to take my girls to the water park.

I just love getting my butt into that swimsuit that fit me two years ago but not now.


I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

Hookers and Blue Ladies and Homemade Pasta. OH MY!

Girl, you sound frazzled. You need a soaking bath or something.

Brat Baby was so excited that you guys found the bed and that Papa had ALREADY painted it for her!

About the Blue Lady.

It kind of made me wonder.

There is a condition called Argyria. It happens most commonly when people ingest collodial silver. I'm guessing she must be a patient of "Dr." Block. Guess she wasn't a Smurf after all. :(

Anonymous said...

Humm I will have to ask you about that one tomorrow. The suit thing, I feel your pain. I had to borrow a swim suit from my sister because there is NO way I was wearing my "home" one in public. (It fit me 4 years ago!)


Heather said...

Hey I wanna hear about the hooker!!

Heidi said...

Hookers, ghost's and kids can make for a tiring day I am sure!! LOL I would love to try to make homemade pasta.... but no pasta maker! LOL The iron bed sounds lovely, I am an antique hound myself and would live in a shack like Tasha Tuder does...

As far as a swim suit goes, I have not owned one it 8 years... I told the Milk Man that I was going to sew myself one out of a frigin gunny sack because then it may fit my fat rear.. LOL He didnt laugh. :)