Thursday, July 17, 2008

Someone Help Me I Am On Fire

I took the girls to the water park today and of course I am so tuff that I don't need sunscreen!

Well I have a burn on half my body including my arm pits!

We had fun though, and so I need to rest and get healthy enough to go garage sales in the morning.

Bright and early for this Momma.

I promise to find time to write about our adventure that we had on Monday.

Oh my gosh that stuff happened on Monday, I cant believe how fast time flies when your soakin up the sun.

Oh and my neck still hurts from making pasta!!

But hey it was good, it must have been because me swimsuit was even tighter today than it was two weeks ago.

Pretty soon they are going to start charging me extra for the loss of water every time I jump in the pool at the water park!

Oh well Life Is Good!

Happy Sleeping.


pnny said...

We have sunburns at our house also. The littlest one has a red face...what happened to the sunscreen I put on her face three times! The other little one which is really in her 30's is sunburned all over. I saw her spraying on the sunscreen and she already had a tan. What gives..maybe we have faulty sunscreen. We may not make it to any garage sales in the am. The little one told me she might be too tired in the morning to go to garage sales. Hope your sunburn eases during the night.

Trauma Karl said...

Thanks for the props! I hope to see you sometime tomorrow, but I fear my eyesite might be gone by then. Glad to hear that you and your lobster crew had fun!

Heather said...

I think there is faulty sunscreen floating around out there -- Last week, I came home SPECKLED ... and i even rubbed it in! Now I'm just itchy. Hopefully you'll cool down soon!

Heidi said...

Take a baking soda bath and that will help to sooth it. Lispy is as brown as, as dirt and he still burns through the sun screen somtimes. Come to think of it, its probably all dirt on him.... :)
Hope you and your crew on feeling less fried today!