Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What Does The Second P Stand For?

Well Most of you already know what it stands for unless you are my crazy BFF who calls me frantically on the phone to say the following, the moment the phone is answered:


My End of the receiver: WHAT!

BFF: You know the other P word!

My End Of The Receiver: Are you crazy?

BFF: Yes I Just Used The P word!

My End OF The Receiver: WHAT

BFF: Well are you?

My End of the receiver: What P word are you talking about?

BFF: You know the other P word on your blog! Duh!

My End Of The Receiver: Do you want my mom?


So then I get on the phone and she is sounding very confused and frantic!

I ask her what is going on and reassure her that pregnancy only happens when a male sperm comes in contact with......

Well whatever you get the picture and so there it is not humanly possible that I could be in that state of being. Because if I was, scientist would want to probe and prod me to see how that all happened without contact from the opposite sex.

So that brings me to the other P word.

How about I show you first:

Thats right P stands for PUPPY.

Who could not love a sleeping face like this and this Puppy has a story.

My sister all the way up north in freeze your ass off country has a Australian Shepard Momma who met up with one of the local country boys (which one has yet to be determined) and had a litter of pups. One Saturday morning she calls me and said "I am going to e-mail you a picture of something that you wont be able to turn away."

Well obviously I thought him to be as cute as she did and well that was a no brainer that the Babies would love him the moment they set their eyes on him.

So I say to my sister, are you going to bring him when you take the 12 hour trip home?

Oh and by they way when are you going to get your sorry butt home I have not seen you in a year or better!

Well unfortunately sis could not bring the puppy herself so she did the next best thing.

She flew him on Continental Airlines!

That's right we picked up our new four legged family member at the airport.

Ryder is his name and he is wonderful.

Though it could be the fact that Rex had the bar set so low on expectations of dogs that anything would be considered good compared to the likes of Lucifer

So we are now a family of three indoor R's:



And Now Ryder:

Now we must not leave out the other two cats in our lives....Sky who is a permanent outside resident and Momma/Blackie...she lives part of her days outside and the other part with Brat Baby because she likes NO ONE!

Could that be why she and Brat Baby love each other so much because they are so much alike!

So there you have it a prom dress and a puppy all in one spring break day.

Who could ask for anything more?

Peace out,