Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Sang In A Rock Concert Last Night

Last Night Trauma Karl turned 30 something and we went over to their casa to help him celebrate getting another year older.

One of his gifts was Rock Band.

Oh my gosh, I am not a video game person at all.

I mean I can not play any of them well, my kids don't even own any.

But Last night I gave it a whirl.

The group was made up of Picture Momma, Trauma Karl, and me, Momma.

The song was Bon Jovi's Dead or Alive.

First time around I tried playing the drums but that apparently takes some coordination, and I like to think that I am coordinated but by skills with the drum are very week.

So week that the game just kicked me off the song and told me I sucked!

Maybe that is why we don't own a gaming system.

Then Picture Momma got on bass, Trauma Karl got on the drums and I Momma took over the microphone.

Now earlier in the evening Not The Baby begged me not to get on the mic.

Claiming it would not be a good idea.

I think she was worried that if I do that then we would not be invited back to play anymore.

So I waited until Papa and Not The Baby left.

Papa and Not The Baby can not stay at any ones house very long.

They remind me of my late Papa Willey.

That man could not stand to be away from him house for any length of time.

At Christmas time when the whole family would get together he would stay until we ate and then he would ask around to everyone that he knew was staying at his house, who drove their car so that he could find someone to give him a ride home.

I used to laugh at it, but now with my family it's not always that funny.

But then again, if Papa is ready to go home it is probably best for everyone that he just leaves other wise he may start pouting, or maybe fake an illness.

That's just my opinion though!

And for Not The Baby, well she is like a bugging little hyena so it is best to just let her get her way because she will not be backing down any time soon.

Back to the Rock Band story:

So after the two cant keep our butts in any one place left.

I joined the band and we Rock the house with Dead or Alive.

Baby Girl being the sweetheart that she is sit on my lap encouraging me to sing.

I love it when they are young and still think that you are beautiful no matter what you look like and you can sing really well even with you know you really suck at it.

But the cool part is, the game didn't kick us off, we actually were good enough to finish the whole song and I got a 98% on my singing.

I think you must just get a high score for singing the words at the right time because if they were grading me on my talent, my number would be so low that it wouldn't even register.

Oh well I am going to take my 98% and ride that train for as long as I can!

In the mean time I will keep practicing my singing talents because I am sure that the band will need me to come over and sing for them again!

I may even need to find a manager, this thing could sky rocket!

Happy Saturday!!


Heather said...

That is so fun!!! You need a shirt that says you're a 98%!!! :)

Tmmywill said...

Rock On Cuz! My personal favorite Bon Jovi song is You give love a bad name. Keep on rocking.