Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Back Aching Time!

All day I have been slaving away in the kitchen cooking for tomorrows feast that we will have with Aunt P and Uncle R and of course my cousins!

Here is why my back is hurting:

I found this great recipe for a Iced Pumpkin Cookies and so I had to try them.

They turned out beautiful!

Baby Girl worked really hard on Thanksgiving decorations......

Thank goodness I found a way to put those pumpkins to use that we never did carve at Halloween.

I have my dinner rolls in the fridge slowing rising until tomorrow.

My Caramel Pumpkin Pecan Gingersnap Cheesecake is cooked and ready to chill over night.

All I have to do tomorrow is make my little sausages that my principal at school told me how to make...

Take little cocktail sausages and wrap a little bacon (about a fourth or less of a piece) and roll it in brown sugar and bake it....YUM

Then I have Jalapeno Poppers still to make tomorrow but I already cut the peppers and got rid of the really hot stuff inside of them.

I need to have Brat Baby make the potato casserole and then I have a veggie try to prepare.

I feel like a need a veggie to take so I may make some sweet potato's if Aunt P isn't already.

I feel like it should be about midnight but by the clock on the computer it apparently isn't even 8pm.........

I am really becoming a wimp!

I hope you all enjoy good food and good company and have the greatest Thanksgiving day every!



Oh and I got everything that we will need to make Tropical Sunrise to keep us going tomorrow while us women are slaving away in the kitchen:

Monday, November 24, 2008

How Old Were You When It First Happened?

Now check all sick minds at the door because no this is not a sex talk.

What is that you say?

You were not thinking about sex............Oh sorry I guess I will be the only one checking in my sickness.

No, what I wanted to talk to you about is how old were you when someone, well actually someone of the opposite sex told you that they loved you.

No we can not count our third cousin who said it.

Oh stop it, I did not have a cousin in love with me, but hey it happens.

The reason I bring this topic up is that Baby Girl had a phone call this past Friday night.

While Picture Momma and I met some friends for dinner Friday night and our children were under the care of other family members something happened that enabled me to write this blog.

I cant remember if I have told you that all secrets and stories told to me by Baby Girl happens in the bathroom at our house.

When Baby Girl is in the bathroom getting ready for bed she can talk for hours...literally!

So the conversation went something like this:

Baby Girl: Ok Momma I have something that I want to tell you!

Momma: Oh Ok sweetheart what is it?

Baby Girl: Chuckle chuckle

Momma: This must be good!

Baby Girl: Well you see B.I.L. (Boy In Love) called me tonight while he was at Burger King with his Grandma.

Momma: On a cell phone?

Baby Girl: Yes

Momma: Did his Grandma know?

Baby Girl: I am sure she did... but why does that matter

Momma: Oh nothing, I just can believe he wanted to call while they were out to dinner.

Baby Girl: Yeah he was bored..

Momma: Well did you talk to your BFF also?

(Note that BFF is the sister of B.I.L.)

Baby Girl: No she was playing

Momma: Man he must really like you....

Baby Girl: chuckle chuckle

Momma: Well what did he talk about?

Baby Girl: He just wanted to make sure that we are still boyfriend and girlfriend.

Momma: I thought you were boyfriend and girlfriend with Baby Cheeks boy at school.

Baby Girl: Well we were but he wont talk enough to me so I told him we were done!

Momma: Well I would have to agree, a girl needs someone who will talk to her and more importantly actively listen to her.

Momma: wise choice Baby Girl

Whoooooo ........wait a minute who am I talking to, I am talking to my 8 year old daughter not to my 20 year old son or Brat Baby who is almost 17 and no boyfriend to speak of, or at least not that she is telling us about.

Baby Girl: I hear ya Momma, I need a boyfriend who will talk to me!

Momma: So is that all that B.I.L. wanted to say?

Baby Girl: chuckle chuckle

Momma: what?

Baby Girl: He wanted to tell me that he LOVES ME!

Momma: What?

Baby Girl: Yes that he loves me and Momma I had no idea of what to say to him.......I just wanted to get off the phone fast....I mean was I suppose to tell him I love him too?

I just freaked out and said I have to go NOW!

Momma:Oh my gosh Baby Girl.........Wait till Picture Momma finds out!

(Note Picture Momma and B.I.L. are related, as in that is her Baby Boy)

I wish I could remember how old I was when someone told me that they loved me for the first time.

I can tell you that I think that Baby Girl has beat me!

I think that I may need to invest in locks and ball bats........No I could never use a ball bat on B.I.L. since we all love him in our house but I am talking about all those other little puppies that will be coming around!

I really thought that I had paid for my raising with the other three previous little bambinos but apparently someone as other payback plans for me or at least that it what it seems like.

Happy Sweet Nothings Monday!

Friday, November 21, 2008


I ran to Dork-Mart this morning during my usual blogging time forgive me!

Happy Freezing Cold Friday!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Those Moments When You Say .....Why?

Last night I was reading Ugly ( a classic Fairy tale retold by Donna Jo Napoli) to Baby Girl and Not The Baby.

Every time we would read a word that I thought she had no idea what the meaning of that word meant I would first ask her if she knew what it meant and if not I would explain it to her.

So we get to this sentence in the book: We swam along, heads erect, from one feeding area to another. (we are reading about ducks)

I say to Baby Girl "Do you know what that means when they say that their heads were erect?"

Baby Girl: No

Momma: That means that their heads are held upwards, straight up.
(I even tried to pretend that I was a duck and demonstrate what it might look like, don't ask me why I did that)

Baby Girl: Oh....OK

I then continue to read.......

Baby Girl: I am going to go to class tomorrow and ask the class if they know what erect means!

Oh crap I ask myself why I thought I needed to point out that word, the teacher is going to think that we are letting her watch porn or something of the sort, I mean my stars how many kids go around saying the word erect!

Momma: Oh that's ok Baby Girl I bet everyone knows what it means, I mean you better just let Mrs F. teach the class Baby.

Baby Girl: No I bet they don't know what it means

Momma: My gawd I hope they don't know what it means

Baby Girl: Why?

Momma: Oh nothing honey, don't worry about it , your fine, one day we will talk about the word celibate and then you can go tell the whole school.........but that is later....much later!

Maybe it is just me!

Maybe when you hear the word erect you think of a duck sticking his head high out of the water.....and if that is you, than I am sorry for bringing this up ........and if your kid comes home today knowing a new definition and chooses to say it in daily conversation and your kid happens to be a boy....then I am really sorry for explaining the meaning to Baby Girl......

Happy Standing Erect know it will prevent back problems later!

(and I wonder where Not The Baby gets her goofy nature from????)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This Is Another Reason Why I Love My Job!

I know I have said before how much I love my job.

But let me tell you how funny these kids are!

Every year we put together what is called our turkey book and we ask each child by their selves details about how to cook a turkey.

The first question I ask them is : Where do you go to get your turkey?

Now of course we get a lot of wal-mart, dollar store answers but thankfully we still get some from the farm or the woods.

Not like I go hunting for our Thanksgiving turkey but secretly I have always wished we lived in the woods and Papa would go out hunting for our Thanksgiving meal.

I am not even sure if Papa has ever shot a gun off .

Any way another question I ask is : What do you have to do to get the turkey ready to cook?

My favorite response this year was you have to cut it up ........but the turkey doesn't like it!

Or What other kinds of foods are you going to have with your thanksgiving dinner?

So far at our pre-k children's thanksgiving dinners there will be eggs, bacon, ice cream, cookies and chicken nuggets served a plenty!

I cant give away all the funny stuff that the kids have said in our little book since Heather has a baby in our class and I dont want to ruin it for her.

This makes me want to try to dig out Baby Girl's turkey book to re-read what she said when she was in pre-k.

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby Girl's Dream Come True...A Dance With Her Favorite Man!

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Short Story Monday!

This I think would be one of those stories that Baby Girl would say ......."That story is not true."

But I am here to tell you that the story is true.

I was eating lunch at school in our little room that a few friends and I eat in that is inside the library.

When I looked up to see that Baby Girl's class was in there listening to Heather teach them wonderful things about books.

I start to look around for Baby Girl.

I don't see her.

I continue to look and I don't see her!

Then all of a sudden I see her teacher and I am thinking "Are you alarmed?"

"My Baby is missing."

Then all of a sudden I spot her!

She is shopping at the book fair that is in the library with her teacher.

Ok, first I think to myself, well that spoiled little brat get over here and listen like the rest of your class, they are going to think that you are the teachers pet and ridicule you for ever!

So I watch them a little while and she is acting like nothing is going on but shopping.

I am embarrassed that Baby Girl is not over listening to Heather and I am worried that Heather will think she is a brat!

So I decide to go back there and find out what on earth was going on with this little puppy dog of mine.

Right away Baby Girls teacher walked over to me and started laughing!

I give Baby Girl the eye!

Teacher: Oh we were looking for you!

Momma: Oh!

Teacher: Baby Girl has had an accident.

Momma: Baby Girl are you alright?

Baby Girl: ..........

Teacher: No, not that kind of accident, she is not hurt.

Momma: Oh good, then what kind of accident?

Teacher: Well she has wet her pants.

Momma: Really?

Baby Girl:.........

Teacher: Yes. I guess Little Jazzy said something really funny on the playground and Baby Girl laughed so hard that she wet herself.

Momma:OHHH.....well that is a good kind of wet pants, I guess she has her mothers bladder.

Baby Girl: chuckle chuckle chuckle

I hope that someone makes you laugh so hard today that you wet your pants!

Happy Wet Pants Monday!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Guest Post!!!!

Hi this is baby girl!

Yesterday it was the last day with my favorite team .
Now lets get on the real subject my mom, isn't she a heck of a writer she even cracks me up everything she writes about baby girl is not true!
Well that is what i think but don't believe her because mom is not true what she writes .
Now who loves baby girl say AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

(Apperently Baby Girl was not happy with one of my stories about her and she has been wanting to guest post for some time now. She liked writing this so much that she now wants her own blog space!
Soon to come another another guest post by none only than Not The Baby.


It's Cold Outside And Guess Who Get's To Sit In It?

The temp is freezing outside the wind is whistling through my sorry windows and we are going to let Baby Girl go play soccer in this crap!

Baby Girl is thrilled about it, she is playing a team that she can not stand and it is her last game.

I however am hoping for snow so that we have a reason to cancel the game, that way I can lay on the couch and snuggle with my blanket and do whatever floats my boat!

Can you tell I am ready for soccer season to cease!

I would really like to snuggle up to a good love story that my cousin T needs to tell me all about!

We missed you for dinner last night, I am dying to hear all about him!!!!!!!

Wish me luck today as I brace the Arctic winds and cheer on my smallest of Babies and pray that she doesn't get sick from this crap!

Happy Keep Yourself Warm Saturday!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My New Idea

Lately Not The Baby and Baby Girl have been fighting a lot.

I think that they are fighting for that Baby position.

Heck now that I think about it Baby Boy and Baby Girl fight a lot as well, though Baby Girl is not fighting for a position when it comes to Baby Boy. It is Baby Boy that longs to have the Baby position back.

I wonder at what age he will stop longing to be Mommas #1 Baby?

Can you guess what position Brat Baby is fighting for?

That's right NOTHING.....she pretty much does not give a damn if she has a position or not. I do love that about her and then sometimes it worries me.

Anyway I have always taught my kids that they must not pick on the little ones in the house and the little ones are not allowed to pick.

Now I must admit though that Baby Girl can do a good job at getting to just about anyone in the house and for some reason she and Not The Baby like to fight to the point that they are about to rip each others heads off!

So here is my big idea:

I have told those two knot heads that when they start to fight that I will give them one warning and if the fighting does not stop then they will have to chose a chore off the "Fighting Chore List".

This list will contain chores that we do not get done on a regular basis and chores that I do not like to do.

Now Not The Baby had no comment, she was just angry at Baby Girl.

Baby Girl however did have something to say:

Baby Girl: Can I be the one to write the list of chores?

Momma: Do you think I was born yesterday?

Momma: NO!

I will let you know how it works, I am certain that they will give it a trial run this evening.

Happy Fighting Free Thursday!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

God Bless The Veterans

Yesterday was Veterans day and each year at our school the fifth graders put on a veterans day program and our school invites any and all local veterans to attend.

Each year I cry during this ceremony and if I was not working at the time I would probably bawl like a baby.

The fifth graders tell how veterans day started and then they sing some very moving songs.

One of the things that they do is sing the song of each branch of military and invite the veterans that served in that branch to stand during their respected song.

Several years ago there was this elderly marine that stood and sang and cried to his song.

I lost it!

This year I thought the fifth graders did a more than usual good job, each student stood and sang their hearts out and each student seemed as though they understood the importance of the events that they were singing about.

I know almost everyone has someone that served in some branch of military and know the effects that a war can do to a persons soul.

My Papa Willie God rest his soul would have nightmares even thirty years after being out of the army. He served in WWII and in Korea and if I have my facts straight he was a 1st Sergent Major.

My Papa Williams I am thinking I was told that he served in either WWII or Korea, I will have to get my facts together.

And My Uncle R who had to have that crazy dinner with us the other night served in Vietnam.

I am so proud of all of them and I am ever so thankful that they helped keep the freedom that we are living in today.

Who is the special veteran that you love and remember?

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Life Was Changed Forever

Eight years ago yesterday Baby Girl entered this crazy life of mine, had she know me well enough and known what kind of crap she was getting into with this wild family we have then she probably would have told the nurse to send her home with the Jones's (arent they always more normal)

Then 14 years ago today Not The Baby entered this world with her hand beside her head ripping her mother to shreds as she exited me and entered our life.

Baby Girl surprised us with her presence eight years ago, I really thought that me having babies was over, done with, completed, over and out!

But there were other plans for my life, as one of my children was graduating high school one was entering public school. Talk a about a roller coaster ride of emotions.

My first baby growing up and then my last baby going to school full time!

Let's just say that I should have been medicated and heavily but being poor and frugal kept me from being a drug addict. Plus the fact that I have opened my big fat mouth on numerous occasions declaring that people are weak who have to take medication just to get through their daily lives. (please do not take offense if you are medicated, I now do not have the same beliefs)

Sucks for me since I am not willing to eat any crow anytime soon and now I think I could really use some. Maybe I should start taking up donations.

Pills for the Poor

Pills for the Poor

I promise to use it only when seriously needed!

Maybe like tonight........

Baby Girl got to celebrate her birthday in the hills of Arkansas watching her sister play soccer.

Now if you ask her then she would tell you that it quite possibly might be the worst birthday ever, even though she was able to swim at the hotel with a friend not once but twice. The part that might be so terrible is that she and Not The Baby received their gift early!

An ipod at that. I told them that would be all they get from us since that was a costly gift.
I will never give them any gifts early again!

How soon they forget.

I did take both of the girls out to eat on separate occasions also.

Yesterday morning we left the house around 7 am to hit the donut shop for a birthday breakfast before school and then to suck-mart for two cookie cakes. One for Baby Girl's class and the other one for Not The Baby.

Not The Baby wanted me to bring her cookie to her at her lunch so that I could have lunch with her at school and we could share her cookie with all her friends, so I did.

I changed my lunch schedule around so that I could cram food in my mouth at Not The Baby's school all in under five minutes. (ok maybe we had just a minute longer than that but that is what it seemed like) After that I felt sick as a dog eating that fast.

After school we took all the girls to the mall, both of the birthday girls had money to spend and it was killing them to get it spent. We only had about thirty minutes before we were to meet up with Aunt P and Uncle R for Not The Baby's birthday dinner.

So that made the girls angry that they were not able to shop for very long. I told them that we would shop after dinner. Still for some unknown reason here on earth Brat Baby was angry!
Not The Baby had a look on her face like we had just decided to cancel her birthday.


Aunt P is asking what is wrong with the girls.

I tell her the story.


Oh I know.

Now anytime we go out to eat that is another battle for me to fight.

We were eating somewhere that is pricey and I always get this really great salad. So I thought that I could get the salad and split it with Not The Baby since she likes it also.

Baby Girl could get her usual kids meal.

Brat Baby could have what she wanted or she would send death rays through me and whole damn restaurant will be blown to smithereens.

Papa of course will try to find the largest meal there is both portion and price. So I usually try to go cheap.

Well Baby Girl decides that she no longer likes kids meals and that she wants the salad that I get.

Momma:I am not buying a $9 salad for an 8 year old..........see Baby Girl, you must at least be the age of the price of the meal to get it.

Baby Girl: But I wont eat the kids meal, I don't like the kids meal, I just wont eat then!

Momma: Fine we will get the salad and split it three ways, that is unless you would like to get one Brat Baby and split it with your sister or me.

Brat Baby: (Looks at me like I must be nuts) NO

Not The Baby: I am not splitting that salad three ways, there will not be enough for all three of us!

Momma: FINE FINE FINE.....I will eat the Freakin kids meal! Happy Freakin Birthday!

(a look of joy spreads across the face of Not The Baby for the first time that we sit down for dinner)

Then the waitress comes over to take our drink order. Baby Girl says, I will have a Mountain Dew.

Momma: No, no she will not have a mountain dew, Baby Girl did you know that is one of the worst kinds of pop for you! Do you not remember your brother having a kidney stone, what about the obesity rate here in's the pop I tell ya.

Momma: How about a root beer?

Baby Girl: That sounds good.

Momma: Oh wait a minute, waitress does that come in a bottle?

Waitress: yes it does.

Momma: Well then forget it Baby Girl get something else because they charge extra for that.

All while this is going on, Brat Baby, Papa and Not The Baby are making fun of me and eyes are about to roll out of Brat Baby's head for the level of embarrassment that I am causing her.

So Baby Girl decides to go with something safe like lemonade.

Brat Baby pretty much shouts JUST GIVE ME A DR.PEPPER! (I think she rolled her eyes again)

Then Not The Baby has the audacity to order.....can you guess what?

Not The Baby: I will have a Mountain Dew!

Momma: Like hell she will, what are you doing Not The Baby we just had that conversation!

Then ...Then....The waitress decides to speak

Waitress: Umm we don't even have Mountain Dew!

Why the hell could she not even tell me that many Kate (you know the mom off John and Kate Plus Eight....she is such a witch) moments ago!

At this point I am seeing that this evening is head no where fast....

I order the girls their salad asking the waitress to leave out the blue cheese crumbles (like I always do and like they very often forget to leave off)

So what does Papa do?

Papa: Oh here we go again with the blue cheese crumbles!

Momma: Have you ever had blue cheese crumbles...I know that answer.....No you have not and so therefore you would have no idea how hard it is to pick out Crumbles (hence the name crumbles!)

At that point I was trying to blow Papa to smithereens with my death ray look!

Dinner went issues that is. Brat Baby and Not The Baby still kept that end of the world look on their face though.

Then the waitress came and asked me if anyone will be having dessert?

I said well what do you guys do for birthday girls?

Oh we will give them a shake said the waitress.

Ok then, we have three birthday girls. Baby Girl and Aunt P's birthday was yesterday and Not The Baby's birthday is today.

So they bring out three big chocolate shakes......yum yum

There was enough there for the whole table.

I tell Baby Girl to get closer to me with that shake so that we can share, so she does.

Now please note that the solemn look is still upon the older girls face.

We are going along just fine eating our free ice cream when Baby Girl turns and knocks the ice cream to the floor (note that the ice cream was in a nice glass) and glass goes everywhere, ice cream goes everywhere. The ice cream gets on Baby Girl and all over the front of my purse.

Brat Baby jumps up like there is a snake at her feet doing her usual talk...


Baby Girl: Not my fault, you should have gotten out of the way!


Baby Girl: Freak yourself, it was Mommas Fault!

Momma: What......Oh whatever, blame me ok! Everyone else does in the forsaken house!

Now while ice cream is all over the floor and Baby Girl is declaring that she needs to change immediately and Brat Baby is standing ten feet away from the mess like it might get her, Not The Baby is reacting.


Aunt P: Oh my Not The Baby!


Crap I think she might have to go change her pants she is laughing so hard!

So to end this long drawn out story, Not The Baby finally smiled at her birthday dinner after we totally embarrassed ourselves.

Brat Baby never did smile.

Baby Girl was pretty much ok with the chocolate on her jeans.

Papa high tailed it out of the restaurant after the mess was made and before the check was delivered.

Aunt P and Uncle R like always is asking their selves why on earth they ever meet us for dinner!

I start getting ready to pay only to see that the waitress is charging me double for the chips and salsa and $12 for the free birthday ice cream!

So once again I have to make a scene, no I was not rude but just talking to the waitress at this point was not something I wanted to do, I just wanted to get out of there fast!

So the waitress had to have the manager fix the ice cream but she still over charged me on the chips and salsa!

Oh well I just want to get the Heck out of Dodge!

After the dinner I dropped the girls off at the mall so they could start their shopping while I ran to get gas and a free movie at red box.

I reached in my wallet to pull out my debit card so that I could get the movie I had picked out for the kids only to discover that I had left my debit card at the restaurant!!

Boy were they glad to see me back!

Today's Post Is Way To Important

That is why I must wait until I have time this evening to write....because right now the donut shop is calling me to celebrate a birthday breakfast!

Friday, November 7, 2008

I Am Way Too Busy Today!

I told myself that I can not sit down and write something of any importance or length today!

I am co-hosting a party this evening with Picture Momma, I am working today, I have laundry that is staring at me, I must gather all the things for the party, I have three lunches to pack , breakfast to make (and the kids will be mad at me because we are out of bacon) , a cat box to clean, six cats and a dog to feed, I need to pack for our trip tomorrow (out of state soccer tournament), I need to find out how in the heck to even get to the soccer tournament ( Not The Baby is convinced that I will make her late for her first game tomorrow morning seeing as though she is sure that I will get us lost), Oh yes and Baby Boy has surprised me by showing up a day early for his weekend since he needs help with resume for a job he has always wanted.

Don't worry he is not quitting school, it is a part time job.

Ok, well enough looking for pity from my friends. I have too much to do to be sitting here on my tail!

Happy Flipin Friday!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I See A Light In My Feline Darkened Tunnel

I have told you that I house and feed six cats right?

Or maybe I was ashed at how many actually live here. Now I did not search out these reproducing fools.

The first cat came to us ten years ago, just showed up at our door and me and my children not being able to turn down anyone or anything that is hungry fed her.

She is Blackie:

Now I could not find a picture of her but this is essentially what she looks like plus I happen to love this artist so I wanted to display her work.

Now Blackie's name soon changed for me and she had names like hooker, sleaze bucket, white trash (oh shoot that one really didn't fit since she was black) but you get the picture. Luckily all of her babies were wild and cared nothing for us!

Then a kind old neighbor took her to the vet one day and had her catting around days put to a stop!

Catting around....I crack myself up!

What it is not my fault that I am not that funny, I work with little kids all day and I could say fart and they would laugh, huh Heather?

Then one day as we are about to go outside the door to a soccer game we hear these little voices crying, it sounds like a baby, I was scared to even look at the door because if someone left a baby at my door step I think that I would be the one crying, shoot I can barely afford to feed the mouths we have here especially when Baby Boy is home!

But we look out anyway and see two tiny kittens in search of food, crap they are hungry and I cant say no to anyone or anything that is hungry.

Don't believe me just randomly show up for dinner I will feed you. Now if payday is to far off you may be eating free bread and chips. Since we tend to have an overabundance of those.

So we fed the kittens and went to our game, all the while I am hoping that when we return home they will have beat feet out of there.

No such luck, this is who we call Chester.....but really he is a she and apparently related to Blackie! You know she has her social skills.

And this one who we call Sky he really is a he! Look at her excitement about the fact that they never run away from home.

Well then lets see here, Oh yes Chester went out in search for cheese one day and came back with:

these two...Rollo and Peach. Yes I know different names but hey the kids named them.

Peach found a new home despite all the tears from Baby Girl. We put an ad out and thankfully got rid of her.

Rollo however was just to cute to give away and I decided that we could have one indoor cat. So this little one is not going to get outside at least not until she has a visit with a doctor.

But Hoochie Momma (aka Chester) was not done painting the town.

She recently came home with these:

We are not naming them!

And Papa has found a home for them together and their mother!

Oh it is a happy day when we are rid of three cats at once.

sniff sniff....Ok I will miss them but I am not going to admit that to the kids!

Happy Fewer Mouths To Feed Thursday!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Am Proud Today!

Last night Not The Baby, Baby Girl and myself fell asleep with the lap top on the bed logged into which had four live streams showing all very important happening with the election.

I printed off the map of the USA and Baby Girl was penciling in each state that was won by each candidate and how many electoral votes each of those states had.

Then she was keeping a running total on the back.

Well Baby Girl did not last past 10 pm but the fact that she was so interested and was commenting on what states Obama really needed to win was more than amazing to me!

I mean it took me thirty plus years to get so involved and still I don't think that I am as involved as maybe I should be.

But what really hit me the most last night was when Baby Girl and I were watching a live speech by Martin Luther King Jr's son.

Momma: Baby Girl, do you know who is speaking?

Baby Girl: No Momma who?

Momma: That is Martin Luther King Jr's son.

Baby Girl: You mean the man with a dream that I have read about in books?

Momma: Yes Baby that man.

Baby Girl: Oh Momma!

And at that point she put her hands to her chest and sit down to listen with sadness for the loss of his father and joy for the opportunity to hear him speak.

When he was done she clapped and said to me:

Baby Girl: Clap Momma Clap

However you voted and whoever you wanted to be in office we all must be proud that our country has opened it eyes and it hearts and its minds to what they believe is right regardless of the color of the skin that those words are coming from.

I am thankful that I was able to see this new beginning and I more than thankful that my children are able to experience this history in the making.

Happy New Beginning Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I was so worked up about voting this morning that I could not even sit down and write a post.

Now Baby Girl and I are going to watch how each state does and she will document it on the map that I printed off for her from!

If you haven't voted yet well then what are you waiting for, get up and hurry and get to the polls!

Happy Voting!

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Over???

Well I can't believe that Halloween came and went already!

Every year we have a pumpkin carving contest within our family.........not this year!!!

I bought everyone a pumpkin and before you knew it it was Halloween and no time to carve so we carved one yesterday just so we could have some pumpkin seeds so I think we are just going to carve one each time we run out of seeds and I am going to try cooking them different ways.

Maybe it was having three sick people in the house one each week for the last several weeks!

Maybe that is why Halloween did a Jason and crept up on me, or maybe and more likely I am loosing my head!

I keep telling myself that I am not able to get things done like I used to and I cant figure it out!

I know I dont have the energy that I used to but that is thanks to extra baggage that I am carrying.

Then Baby Girl figured it out for me this weekend in front of a row full of Momma's at Not The Babies soccer game........

Baby Girl: All you do Momma is sit on the computer, all day long sitting on the puter!

Momma: Oh Baby Girl, aren't you cute! (zip your lips you little toe head!) That is not all I do honey!

Baby Girl: Uh huh!

Momma: Well then who cooks for you and who washes you clothes and who takes you to your soccer games and who helps put a roof over your head and who sees that you are properly dressed for the weather and who who who........

Baby Girl: OK Already!

Momma: That's what I thought! Now don't go pickin a fight with this soccer Momma again!

Don't this child know that Momma's Always Win!

(Sad part is she did make me think though, before I started writing this blog I used to get up at 5 am to do laundry and clean up the house before going to work and now I get up early to write this thing! I think I better go do some laundry)

Happy Post Halloween Monday!