Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update On My Crazy Life

Well as some of you have asked about our near death experience.

Last Friday the girls and I were driving to pick up on of Brat Baby's friends.

As we were driving, the car in front of me put on his turning signal as he was turning right and a car that was going to come onto the highway that I was on, turned right smack in front of me since he saw the cars blinkers.

Now let me tell you that my whole family gives me the worst time about my driving, often calling me Richard Petty.

I slammed on the brakes swerved to the left and realized that there was no way I could stop on time and then I make a quick decision to swerve to the right.

We just missed the car by inches!

Now let me tell you everyone in the car was so scared that we didn't even talk for a while and my heart was racing like I just participated in the Indy 500.

Thank You Jesus for looking out for us!

I have intentions of blogging about our day yesterday with dropping off Demon Dog.

Would you believe so many things can happen to one family that is worth blogging about.

I mean we saw things yesterday that we have never seen before.

We had experiences that we have never experienced before.

And we went to a place that is not legal in I think every state!

Now all I have to do is find time to write about all of these things, but if I don't go and buy groceries for this family then well they may just kick me to the curb.

Whatever, I am the glue that keeps this family together, I am the lifesaver that keeps us afloat, I am the ....... well you get the point.

Have a great Tuesday!



I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

So basically it was garage sale driving except with the whole family involved?


I kid. I'm glad you guys made it through safely!

Anonymous said...

Don't you hate that! Glad you all didn't end up hitting them. How scary!


Heather said...

Whew - Of course, I'm pretty certain it was the dork of an old-driver who caused you to almost hit him... (I drive behind people like that as well!)

And - where is the illegal place? I'm all about that!!

Trauma Karl said...

One more blog about your bad driving and that's three. They make you take defencive driving courses for that. If it ever becomes an option for you to have to drive me somewhere, I may be a little hesitant.

Heidi said...

See - I helps to be compared to a race car driver or you may not have gotten out of that one as you did!!! LOL glad that you are all ok... :)