Thursday, July 24, 2008

Embarrassing Story #3

When one of my babies were little this happened to us.

Please notice that I am not going to say which baby it was since friends of my babies actually read my little blog world.

It was summer time and the weather was hot and humid, just another day in our little state.

A friend of mine asked us to go swimming at her private members only pool.

The kids were excited, they love swimming and so we jumped at the opportunity.

We were swimming and having a good time, the kids were off swimming in the other end of the pool, they were jumping off the diving board while my friend and I were watching them and talking.

Taking in the suns rays and enjoying watching the kids having fun.

When all of a sudden someone screams.

I can't understand what they are screaming.

The lifeguard goes over to see what the problem is.

After taking a look, the lifeguard quickly blows his whistle and tells everyone to exit the pool immediately!

So the kids start coming over to my friend and I.

I am getting concerned, since the lifeguard was over where my kids were at.

Is it a snake or worse, does someone have some disease that is contagious and now my poor little babies have been exposed to it.

That is what I hate about public pools, everybodies stuff floating around everywhere.

So the babies start to come over to us and I ask them:

Momma: Babies what is wrong over there?

Momma: Do you know what is going on?

Babies: Yes momma!

Momma: Well what is it tell me, are you OK?

Babies: Yeah were OK but I am not sure if we should stay here any longer and swim.

Momma: Why honey? What is it?

Babies: Well, your little baby here just pooped in the pool!

Momma: What the?

Momma: Kids get your stuff, we are going to have to leave before they make us leave, and don't tell anyone that it was your sibling!

Now while the Babies were telling me this my friend had walked off to go to the concession stand. So the kids were telling me all of this in private.

My friend returns.

Momma: Friend, thank you so much for inviting me but we really must go home now so that the kids can take a bath. I mean I have so much laundry to do.

Baby: Yeah plus someone obviously needs to sit on the pot a while!

Momma: Baby , GO GET IN THE CAR!

Friend: Oh, OK well I hate that you have to run off.

Momma: Gosh me too.
(I give pooper a look like: yeah we wouldn't be rushing off if you would have got your butt out of the pool long enough to take a crap in the toilet instead of the letting out little tootsie rolls in the pool for everyone to see)

Friend: Did you ever here what was going on with the lifeguard wanting everyone out of the pool?

Momma: No, gosh I never did. But hey thanks again I really need to run.

Needless to say I think that was the last time that we were ever invited to go swimming with that friend.

Not sure why?

As a matter of fact that friend really doesn't even talk to me anymore.

That little stinker!

I wish I could say that is all of the poop stories that I have to share with you but there are more.

Happy bowel movements to you today, let then be easy and hopefully not in a pool!

Did I just say happy bowel movements?

I am so so sorry.

What I meant to say is Happy Thursday!


Not The Baby (: said...

Ha ha..... Sadley I Dont Remember That.... Muchh... Except Everytime we pass that pooll....A.k.a Poop Pool!!

-NoT tHe BaBy-


Love yyou mamma!!

Heather said...

That's funny - I have all kinds of bodily-functions-in-pools-stories from when I was a lifeguard!! YUCK!

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...


Oh man. I"m gonna blame it on Baby Boy just because it seems funnier. I know it's not possible by deducing things from your story, but I'm sticking to it.

BTW, someone crapped in the YMCA pool last Tuesday. Apparently it was green and hairy.

Heidi said...

OMG!!! That was too funny! When I was younger on my folks farm, we have a creek running through the pasture. The cows would drink and we would swim within feet of each other.... but when they cow pies came floating down the way, we ususally stood on the side of the creek till they had safley passed!!! Then went back to swmimming!!! LOL kind of hard to do in a pool!!!

There is nothing funnier to kids than body workings, sounds and apentages!!! LOL

Trauma Karl said...


No Wait..