Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blog About What?

When I sat down to start tomorrows blog on Wednesday night I asked Not The Baby what I should blog about and she said:



Typical Not The Baby response.

Which is OK because you have to love Not The Baby.

Everybody loves Not The Baby and if they don't well something is just wrong with them.

She has this great personality that makes you laugh with her even of she just made you mad at her.

And here's the thing with Not The Baby.

I can not only Not stay mad at her, but if she is mad at me it drives me CRAZY.

I can not stand for her to be mad at me.

Now that I think about it I cant stand for any of my kids to be angry with me, other than that time the Baby Boy decided that he didn't want to stay here for the summer then I was like..

Fine leave then, you will want to come home sooner or later.

(It lasted less than one month before the sooner came)

So I thought I would share a funny story about Not The Baby.

When Not The Baby was three she was know to often hand out parenting advice.

Momma: Oh Baby Boy makes me angry sometimes!

Not The Baby (age three): Oh Momma you have a lot to learn about teeeeenagers.

When Not The Baby was younger she could be in a room full of strangers and in less than two minutes she would have met a new best friend.

This past school year started off a little rough for Not The Baby though because her new set of junior high teachers were not sure how to take her.

They probably just thought she was another class clown and who needs another one of those?

But she doesn't mean to disrupt she just thinks life is really funny and loves living it.

Later on in the school year her teachers got to know her and they too feel in love with my baby.

Towards the last day of school she walks into one of her classrooms and a friends of hers tell her to hide in the closet thinking it would be funny when her teacher comes into the room to surprise her. So Not The Baby sets her books on her desk and heads to the closet.

When the bell rang for class to start the teacher walks into the room complaining about something, she is clearly not in a good mood and Not The Baby panics.

She is not sure what to do, she can hear her teacher ranting on and on.

The teacher does not stop for a breath, she is very upset.

Not The Baby starts to panic and she is feeling as though she can not breathe very well inside that closet and hey she is scared of the dark so she cracks the door just a little and her friend that encouraged her to hide there is giving her the thumbs down, meaning to stay where you are the coast is not clear, there are still shots being fired by the teacher.

Oh No what should I do?

What if she see my books and asks where I am then what shall I do.

Oh she will not find this funny and quite frankly I am not finding this funny any longer either.

Not The Baby goes through these things over and over in her head.

Then all of a sudden the teacher spots a child that is misbehaving.

The teacher escorts that student out into the hall.

Go Not The Baby Go!

Not The Baby opens the door slowly....

The coast is clear.

Run for it Not The Baby.

Not The Baby runs for her desk and sits down just in time for the teacher to turn around and head into the classroom.

Not The Baby is sitting there with sweat running down her face, her heart is racing, her eyes are having a hard time adjusting to the light but she is able to keep her composure.

However the rest of the classroom is not able to contain themselves, they have broken out into a laughter that travels down the halls of the junior high for all the hear.

This my dear friends is an example of her fathers blood running through her veins. He too was the class clown.

As a matter of fact just the other day Papa was in a grocery store and this elderly lady comes near him and just stops dead in her tracks and stares at him.

This lady will not take her eyes off of Papa.

Papa tries to ignore her but the stare in deep and long so he finally asks her " Is there something I can help you with?

The elderly lady looks at him and says, "I don't remember you name but I know you were one of my students and I know you gave me Hell."

Turns out she was one of his High School English teachers and yes Papa admitted to his hell giving and apologized for it.

Not The Baby having fun with her self photography passion

I have hundreds more where this came from.

Looks as though Not The Baby may be rubbing off on Brat Baby!

Enough Said!

Sorry about all the space between each line. Every time I add a photo it does this and I get tired of going through deleting space.


Heather said...

That is pretty funny!! :)

Heidi said...

LOL - She sounds like a great kid to be around and the one who a lot of people are going to look to someday - Scary huh!! LOL

pnny said...

How funny! I remember Not the Baby's closet story - it is still funny hearing it again. The poor old woman could still recognize Papa...hmmm....20 years later??...what a hoot! I wonder how many people she has told since then that "he" is still in town. Look how much he has changed -- he apologized to her. How do you find all the appropriate pictures to post when you have thousands of pictures to go through??

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

Haha... that was the first day you said you HAVE to have a blog. Now look at ya!

If someone doesn't like Not the Baby I will personally sic my minirature assault team on them and have them beat some love into them. God I love raising Ninjas.

And you are so welcome for the cup a joe. Anytime!