Monday, July 28, 2008

Funny Short Story For Your Monday Morning Entertainment

One day I was ran over!


No not by a car.

Not by a train.

Not by a bike.

But rather by a referee!

There I was a proud Momma of her Baby Boy taking pictures of him playing soccer.

It was a beautiful day and we were winning the game.

I was on the sidelines taking pictures of Baby Boy with my then new canon camera and my zoom lens.

When all of a sudden something hit me like a freight train and threw me back about five feet.

First I look at my camera to make sure that it was ok.

Then I look to see what had just happened and I see a referee laying on the ground near me.

Then I look around to see if anyone had seen the accident.

It appears that no one saw it, they were all focused on the game.

Thank goodness!

Then as I am picking myself up off the ground, mind you the male referee that just knocked me over did not offer to help me up but rather he says to me miss you really need to stay back a ways.

You think? I say to him!

Then the sorry butt keeps talking about how I need to stay back.


Do you think I am a moron?

Don't even think of answering that!

You just better consider yourself lucky you didn't hurt my camera.

You would have thought I would be concerned about my well being, but no I am worried about my camera.

Do you have any idea how long I had to wait to get this camera and then you come plowing me over like a farmer on his tractor.

I say dear referee sir, consider yourself lucky.

After the game when my family had all gotten in the car I told them about what had happened, looking for sympathy of course and instead this is what I heard:

Man I would have paid money to see that!

Can you go back out there and do it again?

Did you hurt the referee?

And crap like this went on the whole ride home.

Needless to day I chose not to speak to anyone for sometime.

I have learned my lesson now.

When something embarrassing happens to me like this I keep my mouth shut about it to the family.

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Heather said...

Well, yeah! Camera before self, duh! I get it!