Tuesday, July 8, 2008

There's Something To Say For Small Town Fun

On the 4th of July we went to Aunt P and Uncle R's home town (which happens to be the same small town that I lived in until my parents divorced) to celebrate our country's Independence Day.

(If you have not read the blog Who Said We Cheated, you must)

After the parade was over there were all these kids on their bikes, four wheelers and motorcycles having a blast just riding all over main street that was closed down for the games that were to follow the parade.

I looked at those kids acting like a bunch of.......well, kids.

I looked at my kids who were acting like they were on the brink of death due to the heat and humidity of the day.

I wished that my children could have grown up in that small town and was running around acting like a group of recently set free caged animals.

Rather than worrying about who is going to text next on the cell phone and who is hanging out at the local city pool that day or who may be at the mall on Friday night.

Or my favorite (NOT) who said what on My Space.

Now I know that kids in the country can get the Internet and I am sure that many of them have a My Space page as well as their city neighbors.

But those little country bumpkins also have space to roam and to explore, room to dig, room to ride those bikes and four wheelers, bugs to catch, and more stars to see at night then those of us who live in a city.

Who really needs:

200 channels of cable TV to chose from.

Another Starbucks

A new clothing store at the mall

Or another fast food chain site

Now later that evening when we went to the towns firework display something else happened that made me realize another thing that I like about a small town.

Every time they lit a firework that would light up the sky that would make not only your mouth smile but your eyes also. You could hear in the distance people whooping and hollering like they just won $500 bucks off a scratch off lotto card.

People who were not afraid to show that they were having a good time and were happy to be a part of the celebration.

I don't know about your city but my city is full of people that would not say crap if they had a mouth full.

I am sure that it would not be polite or correct to show that type of emotion.

Who cares what Mrs. and Mr. Goody Two Shoes thinks.

Sometimes you got to just let it out.

Let loose and enjoy life.

I hope you find something to whoop and holler about today.

I know I will!


pnny said...

Thanks for reminding me to appreciate small town country living. I am so glad we can share the holiday every year! Woo hoo and Yipee! That is my whoppin' and a hollerin' for the day!

Heidi said...

AMEN!! Preach it sista! LOL I grew up outside of a small town and now live outside another small town. My city cousins would come down to the farm and had NO IDEA how to have fun. We played - PLAYED - outside all day. We built hay forts, log forts, dug holes that we shouldnt have, ran through moms flowers, and swam in a creek that is so cold you got goose bumps just standing ankle deep in it! I feel so bad for kids who grow up in the city or even in some of the smaller towns because they seem to be clueless about 'real life'.... My cousin has a daughter now and she doesnt want her to ride horse or touch the chickens because they have germs. My argument with her is if they have germs, what about the ciggy your smokin, the friends cell phone your yakin on and the 'clubs' bathrooms you use.... ish - give me a field to pee in first!! LOL Sorry I hijacked your comments!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love country living! wouldn't trade it. Love the fact that any time of day you are able to see deer grazing or baby turkeys crossing your yard, being able to out at catch fire flies with DD and not worrying about what the yard looks like because nobody cares and theirs look the same. There are things I miss about living in town. Having a place to ride those bikes to besides down the street and back. Kids close enough for my kids to go play with without me driving them there.

BTW: your welcome =o)


Heather said...

I whopped and hollered today because I finished all fo my reading!!! Just now -- look at the time stamp.