Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teacher? Maybe... Probablly..... More Than Likely!

I think I have told you about how Baby Girl does not really play with toys. If not well I am now.

Baby Girls favorite thing in the whole wide world to play is school.

Can you guess who gets to be the teacher?

Baby Girl...duh!

Can you guess who gets to be the student?

That's right any poor sucker that walks in this house willing to do exactly as she says.

Mainly though its the sweet little neighbor boy who is two years younger than her.

Who also has a speech problem, which means his pleas for school to be over tends to go without being heard or understood.

Yesterday sweet little neighbor boy....lets call him Mr. Bean (yes there is a story behind that) came over to play. Sadness came over his face when Baby Girl announced to him that they would be playing school, but Mr. Bean has no one else to play with so he agreed, at least we think he did.

So as I am cleaning the house I walk by their school room (front living room....like I have a choice, you have to. Actually this house is so small you pretty much pass each and every room anytime you need to go anywhere.....hey but I'm not complaining. It's paid for) and Mr. Bean is actually reading a book to Teacher Baby Girl.

I think to myself: well a little bit of forced Baby Girl school is good for him, he is playing and learning at the same time.

Then a little bit later I walk by the front room and they are not there, everything that they were playing with is there though.

So I walk down the hall and pass the computer room.

There in the middle of the floor is Mr. Bean sitting kriss cross apple sauce with his eyes fixed on something in front of him and above him.

I look to see what he is looking at and if it wasn't the meanest looking person I had ever seen in my life (and yes I have seen some...cough ...cough...ha..ha ) Teacher Baby Girl had turned into Principal Baby Girl and was making Mr. Bean sit in silence. Then I heard her tell him:

Principal Baby Girl: So is this more fun than being in class?

Mr. Bean: nooooo

Principal Baby Girl: Ok then I expect you to go to class and listen to your teacher!

Mr. Bean: Okkkkk

I thought at that moment, if this girl does not grow up and do something where she is in charge I will be shocked to no get out!

I have been trying to talk her into being a lawyer. The way she argues with me and brings me to a dead stop....well, she should put her talent to good use some day.

Keep Mr. Bean in your prayers, the poor kid will need it!

Teacher Baby Girl was giving out pretzels later that school day for each correct answer that Mr. Bean got right. When Baby Girl had to help him with one he was only allowed half a pretzel. Funny thing is Teacher Baby Girl got a whole pretzel for every question she asked.

Mr. Bean left to make the long journey home to go get himself some food, the half pretzel was just torture.

People tell me that Baby Girl is a lot like her Momma.............