Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vomit, Vomit Everywhere!

I swear it feels like I have called into work every week!

And only one of those were for a mental health day!

I hate having to call in for real illnesses but Baby Girl can not stop vomiting, that poor baby has thrown up five times already through the night.

No fever just up chuck!

So another day of no work and another day of no posting.

Yesterday I did not have a moment to spare to write as I was making two pumpkin cheesecakes and trying to finsih decorating my pumpkin shirt for our classroom pumpkinpatch field trip.

But that was yesterday's fun. Today I get to wash all the vomit blankets, Baby Girl finally soiled our last big blanket last night so Not The Baby and I were left with having to dress for the winter just so we would not freeze in bed.

I know you must be asking yourself why did she just not turn on the heater!

Well because I am cheap and I refuse to turn it on for a while, plus I try to beat out everyone else on turning theirs on to see if I can save more money than them!

I know STUPID!

But thrifty......

Happy Thursday I hope that your day is Vomit Free and when you get a moment say a little prayer for my Baby Girl!


Heidi said...

*ugh* puke is so hard to deal with... I hope your day is at least quiet and restful for baby girl. We are sending our chicken soup thoughts! :)

Heather said...

Bless your hearts!! I'm glad the pukes were quick for us!

sheila said...

Hope everyone is feeling better!! I hate washing laundry after the pukes.

Picture Momma said...

Is she feeling any better yet? The kiddos and I are worried about her.