Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm In Big Big Trouble!

Yesterday the girls and I drove an hour for Not The Babies soccer game. (which she happened to kick butt at!)

While we were leaving the girls spotted this young man mowing a yard, he had his shirt off and shorts on.

The girls right away noticed that this poor boy was way too skinny.

I explained that some people just cant gain weight (the butt heads...that includes you P.M.)

Then Baby Girl chimes in:

Baby Girl: I am glad that I am a little chunky!

we all giggle

Baby Girl: The boys obviously like it too!

Ok Not Funny.

Baby Girl you may not leave the house until you have graduated from online University and have been working from our home earning you first $100,000 or better before I let you out!

I swear I don't know why I deserve this, my mother said I was a bad baby but have I not paid my dues!

Next time you are at church and they ask if anyone has any prayer request, go ahead and say my name.

*Please not that after Brat Baby read this blog she was angry at me for not mentioning that she had commented that she wanted to put Baby Girl in the dungeon. And that I don't talk enough about her. So my next blog will be all about Brat Baby.......sometimes I feel bad about calling her Brat Baby and then again sometimes I don't.


Sheila said...

all the boys I have been around have said the same. ;) I think she has a point. I didn't figure it out until HIGH SCHOOL.

Good luck!

I am glad your girls see the beauty having meat on your bones. Too many girls don't.

Heather said...

"they obviously like it" - that's just too funny!!! She and Briley can keep each other company in the basement until they are old and gray!

Heidi said...

My mom used to tell me she hoped I had kids just like me some day - I told her thanks for cursing her grandkids and why do you hate them so much!!! LOL