Sunday, October 12, 2008

And She Said She Didnt Want To Go!

Yesterday Baby Girl and I were all alone for the whole day since Brat Baby was working and Not The Baby was staying with her BFF No Sugar For Me Girl.

A local historial site that houses a muesum in it was holding a festival and luckily we were done with soccer for the afternoon. Baby Girl's reaction to me taking her to it was "How boring, I dont want to go!"

I told her to zip it and she was going and she was going to like it!

The theme was recycling and we got to see some really cool art work that was all made with recyclable material.

There were so many fun crafts for the kids to do as well like this one:

This was a canvas that was like a paint by number only you chewed a piece of gum color of your choice and then placed it on that number on the canvas..Sounds gross I know but it really was fun.

My gum had little pieces of free popcorn kernals in it, now that is gross!

Then there was this lady that was trying to do who knows what to my Baby:

Get off my Baby you sorry lady you!

Oh Ok, well still it looks like she was putting a death grip on your poor little head.

All and all we had the best time ever and I wish we could have stayed longer but we went and had lunch with Brat Baby and then had shopping to do and more soccer!

Baby Girl's reaction to the festival was:


Heather said...

We went at 2:00 (with soccer starting at 3:00) because my FIL didn't want to miss the OU Texas game... He ended up NOT going with us because the game went long. As long as you have priorities!!

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

LOL Heather.... I wanted to go so bad but well I HAD to watch Texas hand OU their asses. It's a good day to be a Texas fan.