Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Know It's Saturday!

I normally write nothing on the weekends because I am just too busy with the kids to even think about writing but Brat Baby has to be at work before 8am so I thought I better get up and have coffee before going behind the wheel.

Plus Baby Girl lost a tooth yesterday and well the Tooth Fairy had to respond to a note she left. I just wanted to make sure that she visited and did not disappoint my little toothless toe head.

More to come on Tooth Fairy notes...........

I hope you have a great Saturday!

I'm going to watch some SOCCER....

I think I will learn a new song to sing to my soccer players like they do over in England.

Here goes:

Good old Arsenal,Good old Arsenal,we're proud to say that name.And while we sing this song,we'll win the game.Who's that team they call the Arsenal?Who's that team we all adore?They're the boys in red and white,And where f***ing dynomite,'cos Georgy Grahams mother is awhooore,yeah she's a whore, yeah shes awhoooreChim-Chimeny Chim-ChimenyChim-Chim-Chero Who Needs Anelka When We Got KanuVieira wo o e o, Vieira wo o eo,he comes from Senengal,he plays for Arsenal,Vieira wo o e o, VieiraHe's blond, Hes quickHis names a porno flick,emmanuel, emmanuel

I am telling the truth this came from a soccer website.

I was thinking that I could change the team name and throw in a few kids names in stead of Arsenal's teammates.

Do you think that I would get thrown out of the park?

I think I might too.

That is what is wrong with America.

No passion!

Here is my ideal vacation in case you wanted to know:

Go to England to see the Arsenal team play and sing this song while I chug down a few.
(well it cant be beer because I just don't like the taste of that you think they have Coke Zero over there?)

Anyway have a great Saturday and let me know if you come up with a good soccer song, I need one.


Heather said...

I double dog dare ya to sing that song today!!! :) (Not the baby would be proud...)

I'll bring okra and 'maters to school on Monday!

Heather said...

I need to put you in my phone because today, guess who was "coaching" a U5 or U6 team in his sh**kickers? Marlboro Man!