Friday, October 24, 2008

Now The Truth Comes Out!

Now that Baby Boy is 20 and in college for some reason he feels like he should confess all those things that he did in high school to me (Like I want to know).

Now before I go on I remember Baby Boy getting into some trouble with a assistant principal one time for having a argument with another student.

I told that principal that I wish that I could be a fly on the wall so that I could see everything thing that my children do.

His response was: "No you don't"

At the time I thought what a bold A-hole he is!

But now I know what he is talking about and No I do not want to be a fly on any wall much less my own flesh and bloods wall!

Those of you who's kids are still young may still wish to be a fly but trust me later on you will see that being a fly would be no fun.

Kids are going to do and say things that they don't really want to do or say when their peers are around.

I will tell you this though Baby Boy made me a lot smarter and more skeptical.

Am I a master ?

Oh I would like to think that I would be a master at this parenting stuff by the time that Baby Girl hits the streets as a teen humanoid but shoot who am I foolin?

Each child is full of their own little tricks and treats so I will have to continue to take each day like a ninja waiting for her next battle.

Armed and Ready this Momma is! (I think)

Would you like to hear a story that Baby Boy chose to share with me?

"In his last year of high school Baby Boy and he best friend (whom I love dearly but since have learned that he was not the best of influences but still I love him) were driving around the mall when all of a sudden Baby Boy spotted his sister in a truck with a BOY!

(Ok I can tell you that two years ago Baby Girl was not allowed in any ones truck much less a boy's)

So Baby Boy slammed on the brakes and threw the big caddy in park. Walked over to the driver and ever so gently pulled the male truck driver out of his fuel suckin four wheel drive. Then his best friend came over to his assistance. And then................

That is where I asked him to end his story!

We had dear Miss S. with us and we were at a restaurant and I frankly did not want him to continue right then and there.

Oh the crazy stuff that happens in this house!

And just think Baby Boy is going to move back home and go to a school locally for a whole semester before transferring to a four year mega bucks school!!

Please just say a prayer every time you see me or think of me, because trust me I will need it.

Happy Ninja Friday!!!!


Heather said...

Oh, yeah - I am fully aware that I do NOT want to know everything they do... BUT, be glad that he DID pull that guy out -- every girl needs a big brother who will pull guys out of trucks for them...

Trauma Karl said...

It's really good for mothers not to know everything their boys do, but way to go Baby boy!