Friday, October 10, 2008

True Love At It's Best......

Just the other day Baby Girl came home with a note, not just any kind of note though.

This was of a love kind.

Now before I let you in on all the juicy details of this love note I must give you some back ground of Baby Girl and her mesmerizing ability.

Since Baby Girl started pre-k she had all the boys in love with her as a matter of fact her teacher said that she had seen nothing like it before.

Baby Girl has this way of making every boy she meets fall in love with her.

I swear I am not making this up.

For instance she frequently comes home with gifts:


(and fresh ones at that)


jewel stones

stuffed animals

You name it she has been given it.

So when she came home with this note, it was no surprise to me.

Now of course I have covered the names on this note to save both parties the embarrassment.

And I am sure that you will keep this just between you and me that I posted this on my blog right?

Otherwise my life could be in danger, I mean Baby Girl is getting bigger and she may just try to take me out.

The last time I wrote something that she did not approve of......well lets just say that I had a lot of explaining to do and I am way to tired to try to explain to her how she will think this is cute one day.

So here goes:

I know it is hard to read and I cant seem to get it to adjust any so I will tell you what it says myself:

Dear Baby Girl,

You are the cuttest girl i have ever met in the world and i like your white dress that you were to bing third saturday night and are super beautiful.

Boy in love

The dress that he is talking about will soon be posted on my blog, it is a dress that should only be wore to something like a royal ball or a wedding that she is in or oh I don't know a inauguration of herself as the new president.

But guess where we had the first chance to wear it to was a smoke filled bingo hall for a school fundraiser, man did we stick out like a sore thumb.

But Baby Girl pranced around like she was in dress heaven.

Man am I ever in trouble!

The sad thing for me though is that Not The Baby has the same effect on boys!!


I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

Poor 'Boy in Love'. He seems to be head over heels. At least he was smart enough to go for words from the heart as opposed to material things. Sigh. Swoon. He must have it bad though because from what I know of that little boy he is usually alot more literate than that. Love must have made him stupid.

I've been lazy in my commenting as of late. Sorry and just know that I am still forever grateful for these wonderful glimpses into your ever changing and entertaining life.

And if you don't come over for coffee soon I'm going to cry.

Heidi said...

LOL - poor boy! He will never be the same!

Heather said...

A blue highlighter -- I wonder what that says about the letter writer... probably that he wasn't allowed to get a sharpie!!

Heather said...

PS - I have okra? Tomatoes? Want some?

Take a Deep Breath said...

Oh man I would ove some!

Take a Deep Breath said...

See I was so excited that I forgot to write all of the word Love