Thursday, October 2, 2008

Is That Child Appropriate?

This summer my friend Heather got me hooked on Mamma Mia.

A group of us went to the movies to see it and I thought it was great.

I love musicals.

I love to sing. (no I have no voice at all)

I love every kind of music!

When the Hairspray play came to town I have an awesome friend who got my girls and I tickets for it!

You rock Morris!

We are nuts about musicals.

So on Sunday Heather invited a bunch of ladies to go to the $2 theater with their daughters and watch Mamma Mia.

I took Not The Baby and Baby Girl. (Brat Baby was working)

Now this was this last weekend when Baby Boy was home.

So I invited him to come also but he had several papers for college to write so he chose to stay home and do those.

Good Idea!

But as we are getting ready he says to me:

Baby Boy: Are you really taking Baby Girl to see a movie about a tramp who does not know which of three men is the father of her daughter?

Momma: Huh? (me playing dumb)

Baby Boy: I mean what kind of message is that Momma?

Momma: She got luckier than me??? (me playing a smart ass Baby Boy)

Baby Boy: Momma I am serious!

Momma: Ok, I was joking. She obviously is a tramp. But we are going for the music.

Baby Boy: You would have never let me see anything like that, and I will not let me girls when I have them ever see anything like that.

Momma: Yes sweetheart, I understand where you are coming from but have you ever heard how addicting these songs are?

Baby Boy: Momma, I don't know what I am going to do with you!

Momma: Just love me babe and remember that I love you too.

Now can you see what I was talking about.

I told you that I raised him with the mind set of June Cleaver and this is living proof.

And remember I told you that I am more like the Hippie Momma now, or at least I think I am.

Well last night as Baby Girl was taking a bath she sang me a song that she wrote and when she ended the song she crossed her arms over her chest and put up her two first fingers on each hand up and said:


So on this Thursday I say to you as the June want a be Momma "Have the most delightful day!"




Heidi said...

LOL Good for your boy!! LOL I think it depends on the kid at times.... differant things are appropriate at differant ages for differant kids.. :) say that 10 times fast!!

Heather said...

Doesn't he know it's never too early to have those sensitive discussions? (And please bring it up when he lets his 4 year old play grand theft auto!!!) :)