Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Bathroom Is A Confessional

When you live in a small house occupied by six people and one bathroom there really is no privacy, anywhere!

Which is fine with me because I have this little issue of not being able to shut the bathroom door.

Part of it is simply what if someone else needs something, what if you are not using the toilet and someone else needs to go really bad.

I think it is rude to lock the door while you are in the shower at our house because you never know when someone else is going to have to GO!

But not only that but all of my kids find that when Momma is in the bathroom that it would be the perfect time to have a conversation with me.

Probably because they know that is the one place that I can not get occupied with any distractions and can give them my full attention.

I can be in the bath and any of them at any given time will walk in and tell me their problems or something funny that happened.

I guess it is kind of my fault since we are not very shy.

I frequently walk around the house getting dressed, just ask Picture Momma (she happened to show up in my living room when I was walking in with no pants on!)

There is no question about the size of my a** in my house we all know it!

Anyway I am getting lost here in the moon.

I really wish I could video Baby Girl when she is in the bathroom taking a bath simply because she really gets with her stories when she is taking a bath.

They go something like this:

Baby Girl: Momma did you know that is boy was chasing me on the playground yesterday?

Momma: Really?.....Did you know that if you don't run they cant chase?

Baby Girl: Momma! Just listen!

Momma: Sorry

Baby Girl: See Momma there is this fourth grader who likes me...

Momma: What! What kind of fourth grader likes a second grader, stay away from the cradle robber!

Baby Girl: What?

Momma: Oh nothing, just stay away from him!

Baby Girl: Well he likes to chase me so when I get tired of these boys chasing me I just go and stand by my teacher, then I look at them and say "Uhh Huhh, now what are you going to do there big boy, I am safe by the teacher, what you goin to do now!"

Momma: Smart, Baby Girl

Baby Girl: I told those boys they better pick on somebody their own size!

Momma: Baby Girl have I told you how much I love you?

Baby Girl: Yes Momma only about a million times!

Momma: Promise me you will always be YOU!

Baby Girl: Well what else could I be?

Momma: Oh you will find out later in life honey how hard it is just to be YOU!

Happy Be Yourself Thursday!


Heather said...

Fourth grade boys are just plain nutso. SEriously. And you could TOTALLY live in my house growing up or in our house now because we have an open door policy, too!! Just because!!

Heather said...
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Heidi said...

I love baby girl..... :)