Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Have Been Working On This For Days...

Instead of writing this morning I am trying to finish the new Indiana Jones movie that I have had from Redbox for a week!

I am so terrible about not being able to sit still for a whole movie.

So since I am trying to finish it I thought I would share a couple of picture with you that I took this last weekend

Baby Girl was not open to listening to Baby Boy about having a better attitude.
Tell Her Baby Boy!
Happy Tuesday all!


Heather said...

OH good -- the wonderful second grade attitude is not just at my house!

Picture Momma said...

Oh Lord Heather, it's alive and well at ALL of our houses. I was even lucky enough to be the recipient of Baby Girls glorious attitude last night!

Followed by a large serving of Little Miss' own punkness.

sheila said...

So ladies, third grade's isn't much better.