Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Medication Please!

I have told you all about Not The Baby and her many fears, but I don't think that I have told you about Not The Baby and her hyperness.

It is really starting to concern me.

When she was a just a little toddler she would get really hyper when she was sleepy, oh my gosh was she ever funny.

Now however Not The Baby seems to be the class clown, the dog riding in the car with her head stuck out the window, the kid with ants in his pants, and the smart ass that has a come back for EVERYTHING. (that she got from her father, but I am afraid she is even better at it than he was)

Yesterday we were driving around town running a few errands when she randomly starts making comments to people we were passing or people we were next to while stopped at a traffic light.

Like this one:

Not The Baby: Sweeeet Car

Brat Baby: Oooo I don't like it.

Not The Baby: What ! Sweeeet Car.

(Next to us at a traffic light is a lady in a really sweet little sports car, thankfully her window is rolled up, even though if I had a sweet car like hers I would let the wind blow through my hair and think that I was hot stuff, not her though she looked a little stuffy)


(ok at this point she is getting a little loud and the upper part of her body is starting to hang from the window, damn what is taking these light so long to change)

Just when I thought that maybe the lady might be listening to some really cool music in there and not be able to hear my seriously obnoxious child she turns to look at us. Not The Baby then of course feels the need to give her a thumbs up, air high five , a peace sign and what ever else she can manage for the lady to see before we race off the other direction.

I should have know that Miss Stuffy pants would not be listening to some cool loud music while sitting in her cool red sports car.

Next time lady you should just crank it up!

Now all the way down the road Not The Baby is finding a reason to speak to each and every human being that we pass.

I however attempt to put the shut your mouth death grip on her knee.

But since she is my child and we do not give up easily she only seemed to get louder.

This is the way my whole evening out went.

The maddening thing about it is that most of time I cant get onto her because she is cracking me up!

I have always wanted to invent shock collars for kids, anyone like to help out an entrepreneur?

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Heather said...

You know? I think she may be my long, long twin sister (who is a whole generation younger than I am). I used to be THE SAME WAY ... I'll see if I can't get some amens for ya. (and, while still jumpy, I think I'm doing alright... but meds sound good, too!! For me, though...)