Monday, October 27, 2008

I Think It's All In The Music!

Well I cant believe I am typing on my beloved PC.

Yesterday as I was cleaning up after dinner I notice the Baby Girls ipod changed the screen (and it was plugged into the computer) so I thought what the heck, I will try for the 100th time to start the computer again.

And guess, what it started!

All of the kids are scared to touch it, heck I am scared to touch it.

But I am so proud of myself because I did not freak out!

Normally something like this would throw me into a frenzy!

Because that would mean $$$ and what if they could not fix it and then that would mean more $$$$.

But not me, I didn't have a freak out moment and so I am just so proud of myself.

Probably because I have had so many of those moments when I really did need to freak out.

I do think that i tunes is out to get me though, I mean why is it so touchy?

Do I not tell it how much I love it enough.

I mean who could not love something that will give you any song in the world that you want in a matter of seconds for you to dance and sing badly to as often as you want.

I think I will sing I will sing it a love song and see if will start being nicer to me!

Then again according to Not The Baby maybe I should keep my voice to myself!

Sing your favorite song today LOUD and either badly or good if you like either way SING IT!

Happy Singing Monday!


sheila said...

Yeah!!! I am glad it is working for you! I think I would go insane without my PC.

Heather said...

Whew! I'm glad you are back in the land of the world wide web!!