Friday, October 17, 2008

Sometimes Life Throws Some Stones In Your Path And Then Sometimes Life Throws Some Stones Inside Ya!

Last Night I got a call from Baby Boy that he was a little swollen down in his private area and he wanted to know if we could afford for him to go to the doctor.

I told him that we have reached the 100% mark on insurance this year and so if he has a pimple on his a** to go to the doctor.

So Baby Boy went to the ER and they told him he might have a bladder infection and gave him a shot and some medication.

I said "What do they mean you might?"

They should be able to tell if you have one.

Any how he went back to his dorm to sleep it off.

Then the phone rang around 7am and it was a nurse at the emergency room and told me they had my Baby Boy.


Well apparently they discovered the he has a kidney stone.

So I woke up all the girls and dressed and headed for the 45 minute drive.

I am currently nursing my Baby Boy and hoping that the stone passes soon and with out a lot of problems.

So if you have a free moment say a little prayer that everything moves quickly through the passages of Baby Boy.........Yuck I hate this kind of stuff!


tmmywill said...

I feel your pain baby boy. I had a kidney stone about a year ago. Not fun. Hope all passes soon and smoothly.

Heather said...

I've heard they are NOT fun to pass... GOOD LUCK!!!

Heather said...

I started to ask him tonight if everything came out OK, but I know that he knows how to kick well and I was afraid he'd kick me in the knee... Hope he's doing mucho better!

sheila said...

man! I hope he is feeling better soon!