Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Messed Up!

So I chose to say some things today that were not necessary and I did not keep to my word of "If I have nothing nice to say then I will say nothing at all."

So I am going to try again tomorrow!

Better luck next time!

Try and Try again!

If first you don't succeed then try try again!

Never give up!

Got any other words of encouragement for me?


Anonymous said...

Hey, it happens. Stuff slips out. At least you realize. Tomorrow will be better.

Heather said...

And she's 16 - 'nuff said!

Heidi said...

forget trying... *smirk* LOL Just kidding - LOL

Heather said...

OH wait!! If it wasn't about the fact that she's 16 and it was to another adult, then I say better out than in!!