Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hook, Line, and Almost A Sinker

Christopher Columbus (I mean Baby Boy) called me yesterday to tell me that he is thinking of switching summer carers.

First of all I am thinking to myself, Oh please don't let go of your job that you have now. It took you almost a year to get and hold down a job outside of his soccer training.

Which he is really good at but he needed something else that was a constant flow of money. That way I don't have to give him money for every little thing he needs.

First he was telling me how his buddy that he is staying with is selling Kirby Vacuum's. He said no one is going to buy those they cost over $2000.

Well, OK maybe he's getting it.

Then he tells me that He and his buddy are thinking about selling Avon!

"Avon" I say.

"Who the Hell are you going to sell Avon to?"

"I mean can you see two college boys selling Avon door to door telling the lady of the house about the new line of longer lasting lipstick that is now out."

I probably wouldn't even answer my door.

So when I address all of these concerns to Baby Boy he says: "The lady told us that we would get to keep 50% of the profit and that some of her top sellers are men."

I then go on to tell him that she is a salesman also and she is trying to get him to sell so she can make some money off of these two innocent college kids.

I also told him that a good salesperson will try to make you think that you could sell bags of crap to people and make money.

Momma: Baby Boy please tell me that you have not quit your job.

Baby Boy: Oh no, not yet.

I tried to be careful in what I said to him, otherwise he may not tell me about anymore of his grand ideas in life.

I hope that I have him talked out of selling Avon, vacuums, encyclopedias, ladies undergarments, etc.

I do love my Baby Boy, I mean how can you not love a boy who thinks that he could sell Avon.

Just in case he doesn't listen to me, anyone need any Skin So Soft?


pnny said...

Oh my gosh -- now it seems I start many of my comments that way...
What a post! Baby Boy would be a good salesman but I agree Avon....? Hopefully he hangs on to his current steady income job. Gotta love him!

Heather said...

What a HOOT!! Avon - That cracks me up! That lady must have a HUGE downline!! What's his current job?

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

OK, I was happeir when I heard the phone conversation mention Pampered Chef. Some of the best chefs are men! (Just ask my son.)

But Lordy Lordy, Baby Boy selling Avon! Come to think of it, if he could master using the products to cover late night party eye circles and soccer ball bruised cheeks, he'd probably have a built in clientel just from his team!