Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day 2008 (I know I am a day late)

Today is the day to celebrate those men in our life that helped bring us into the world without having to actually spend nine months feeling sick every time you smell something that you used to love to eat.
Hands down to those fathers that didn't actually donate their swimmers but raise and love those children of marriage even when the children swear they will never call him daddy because he was not there when they took their first breath.
Today we also celebrate the father of our children, even if their idea of fathering is handing over the remote and giving your offspring the key to the locker of junk food in the house just to keep them happy until mom gets back from her once a year get together with friends and when you ask him what he fed the kids for dinner and he tells you that the kids never said they were hungry (wow! mom's been gone for six hours and no one ate anything??) and as a matter of fact he is not certain on the location of the youngest descendant. I mean he told the oldest minor to watch her so I should talk to them about not listening to their father.
Oh now don't get me wrong he does some really great things. Like keeping me real when I want to ground the Brat Baby for life because she thinks that she can be in the same room as a humanoid of the opposite sex as her.
Or when Baby Boy decides he is a man and wants to see the world and I think that tying him up to his bed is a better idea. It was his father that helped me see the light that at some point in their life I will have to "cut the cord" as he likes to say. Then I of course argue with him and tell him he know nothing about raising MY kids and in return he says nothing but just gives me that look like "One Day My Intelligence will reign".
Then finally I get smart (so what if it took me 19 years) and I realize that the father of my children does know a thing or two(two may be pushing it) about parenting. Of course as a wife and a woman that comes from a long line of strong , who needs a man kind of of genes. I look at him and tell him "Whatever, you were right, THIS TIME and if you even think of telling anyone outside of these four walls your dead."
Today is your day so celebrate it, look at those that you love closely and breathe them in, wrap them in your arms and love them like you would your favorite chair with a beer in the side arm and football on TV everyday of the year.
Because today I will look the father of my children in the eye and pretend that I don't know he would rather trade me in for a Harley if he could.
Ride High today my Hell's Angel want-a-be!
Remember tomorrow Father's day is over, so take out the trash on your way to work!


pnny said...

You are so funny! Love the pic of Dad and the girls!

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

You go girl! (How jr high of me.)
Good for you for recognizing the inate need of the male species to be loved and idolized (if only for managing to get us knocked up.)

As my gift to He WHo Puts Up With My Crap, I refrained from griping about his driving for 6 whole hours yedterday. YEah, I pretty much rock.

As an aside, guess what kind of bed I am sleeping on at Casa de Hell? Yep, iron. Wonder if the Chihuahua In Law will notice if it disappears when I do?