Friday, June 20, 2008

Self Portrait Obsession

Today as I was driving home from out local super warehouse, you know the one that is suppose to have everything. That is until you find you like something they sell and then I think they have spy's that find out what people likes and then the dictator of the company say "Ah, the people like that, well then take it away. Then you can never find that favorite thing again, much less someone who works there to ask where it went to.

Sorry I totally got off on that.

Well like I was saying, I was driving home from walk a mile to get your milk warehouse, when NOT THE BABY says to her friend No Sugar For ME Girl that they have to upload pictures when they get back to Not the Babies house.

This is an obsession of theirs.

Every time that Not The Baby and No Sugar For ME Girl gets to together, they photograph their selves non stop. They then take it to some place called My Space and post it???????

What the heck is My Space?

Is it a web site that you can learn how many moons are on the planet Pluto?
(There are four!)

No, I know, it is a site that teaches people like sweet, little on the scary side old men how to not get into your personal space.

Oh don't worry I am not that old that I don't know all about My Space.

It is a site to keep parents on their toes and something else for us to worry about!

My Space sucks!

Here is the obsession part:

Not The Baby takes pictures of herself everyday.

At First I thought it was kind of cute.

Then I thought, "well we are a little full of ourselves are we not."


Not sure what to think of all this portrait taking going on.

The crazy slightly jealous part is , the little toot looks good every time she looks into a camera.

Are you sure she's my child, every time I look into a camera I am having to buy the person taking the picture a new lens.

Anyways try it some time, take a picture of yourself. I did and it is not easy.
Then if you ever want lessons, Not The Baby will give you lessons only for the cost of printing out some of her 3000 pictures that are taking up space on my computer.

Good night and sleep well for tomorrow we visit the sun early for all the treasures that lerk amongst our city.

Not The Baby and her friend No Sugar For Me Girl and There is Baby Girl


I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

I say we try it one day. Just walk around taking self portraits. Either we'll boost our self esteem or Not the Baby will think it's uncool because the old ladies are doing it.
See you with the sun!

pnny said...

I don't know how those two take such good pics of themselves. Maybe we will see you after sun has been up a while. We have the two T's with us.

Not The Baby (: said...

Oh Thanks Mamma.... Ha ha i was laughting so hard when i scrolled down and saw thoughs pic...And You Picked the oldes and uglys pictures..ha ha its all good!

And Most Of The Pictures I Take I delete..

At Least My Camra Is Getting Used

-Not The Babby-