Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Hope I Remember This When I am Gray

On Sunday a church near our house was having a neighborhood party for all the kids. It was full of those great big inflatable toys (I really wish we had those when I was a kid) and there was plenty of junk food to be had.

So of course Baby Girl wanted to go, and me being the Momma that has a hard time saying no, we went.

Even though I don't care for the faith of that church, not because I think they are weird or mean or anything like that. This faith is just known for being a little pushy.

So I of course thought that if we went in numbers we would be a little stronger to hold back the congregation if they try to save either of us while we are eating our free hot dog.

I phoned Picture Momma and begged her to bring her babinos to this little carnival over at the Save Everyone Church.

OK, I apologize that sounded a little sarcastic.

When we get there everyone is really nice (that is not always a good sign) and we have a great time.

I gathered while there that this was the kick off to their vacation bible school. So of course Baby Girl wants to go to it, she has several friends that are going and hey I do want her to learn about God.

Now I am not an atheist or anything like that, I believe in God and try to live my life the way that I think God would want me to. (most of the time)

I didn't want anyone to get confused since I am the care taker of a demonic four legged beast.
(my dog)

I just worry about this church maybe being a little over bearing for my Baby Girl.

So last night was the first night of this Vacation Bible School and the minute she walks in the door after returning from the church I am in her face.

Momma: "Hi Baby Girl, how was it?"

Baby Girl: Oh it was fun Momma.

Momma: really?

Baby Girl: Yes, and you know what Momma?

Momma: What Honey?

Baby Girl: I can get Bap ta tized there!

Momma: Really (I knew it!)

Baby Girl: Yea, they have this pool of water and you get put in the water.

Momma: Reeeally!

Momma: Well what does that mean Baby Girl to get Baptized?

Baby Girl: Well that means you are letting Jesus in your heart.

Well I am glad she understood and picked up that part of the sermon.

Then Baby Girl goes on to explain the process of Baptizing:

Baby Girl: You see Momma you go back behind this wall where there is a lot of water, you get in the water and they hold you under for 4 minutes!

Momma: WHAT.......really Baby Girl, how long do they hold you under?

Baby Girl: Four minutes!

I cant help myself I tell Baby Girl to go and tell Papa all about it, he then looks at me with a look of should I be laughing or should we be concerned.

Just then Baby Girl starts walking down the hall striping off her clothes.

I inquire.

Momma: Baby Girl, what are you doing?

Baby Girl: I am getting in the tub, I need to start practicing holding my breath for four minutes!

Man I wish I had a record button in my brain so that when all of my kids are grown up and are busy with their own lives I could just sit down and replay all these things that they do and say that make me laugh and keep wanting to see a new sun every morning.

But with my memory, I will need to just blog about it, that way I can go back and read it all over again.

I hope something wonderful and funny happens to you today!


pnny said...

Oh my gosh -- too funny! You posted so early this morning. Yippee! Now I won't have to keep checking and w-a-i-t-i-n-g for your next blog.

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

Four minutes under water?!!

Whoa.... I guess that is the price you pay for now having the privilege of wearing pants.

I know what you mean though about shoving all this yummy innocent goodness into a time capsule. It seems like when it's happening, you'll never ever never in a million years forget. Sadly, we do.

FYI, not sure how many of my spawn will be showing up tonight. Seems they weren't as big of fans this time around.
Go figure.

Heather said...

FOUR MINUTES!! Wow -- Tell her she's still innocent and sweet and only needs about 4 seconds... ;)