Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sound Off

Well family try to contain your "Oh I knew it was only a matter of time attitude."

See those that know me, know that I can be a very passionate person at times.

When I fell strongly about something, I can hardly contain myself.

Too bad I didn't go to a big university so that I could join a club like the tree huggers and end up with a criminal record.

If was going to have a criminal record than that would be the kind I would want to have, not saying that I want one. I'm just saying.

So here goes:

Yesterday when I was out and about I was heading down this road and coming at me was a funeral precession. I right away slammed on my brakes, I guess I should have looked behind me first!

Don't worry, he missed me but he was probably cussing at me. (Oh well it wouldn't be the first and it sure wont be the last time soemone cusses at me.)

The reason I came to such a quick stop was because of something that happened to me.

Last month my Grandfather past away and I was driving to graveside services, which by the way was not very far from the church. As I am driving with my lights on hardly anyone is pulling over.

Oh my! I think to myself. Are my lights not bright enough for these people to see.
So I turn on the brights.

Still few people are pulling over.

My first thought is: Is there some new law past that I am not aware of that says "Thou should never pull over for funeral processions."

Surely not!

Then I think, maybe all those people are on there way to an emergency and they have no choice but to keep going.

Yeah right!

Maybe they don't have a clue as to what that big long black limousine in the front of the line is and not to mention the one behind it.

Or I know maybe they are all just products of our new world.

Our world of lack of respect for the living much less the dead!

Our lack of morals and kindness.

Now dont get me wrong I am not perfect and I make mistakes just like everyone else, but I make a concious effort to do right and live right.

When I saw those people not respecting the family of the deceased it made me sad.

It made me think, what will people be like when our children are old and gray and their day comes to meet the Lord.

Will people have enough respect for my babies to pull over as their procession goes down the road.

I know my friends that are reading this blog are kind and caring people that always show respect, but lets make sure some of our kindness and respect rubs off on someone today and everyday for that matter.


Chief Silver Fox said...

Amen sister! Preach On, that make's me mad too!

Love you and your a fabulous writer, better than me and I am still paying on my facny, shmancy university education.

Heather said...

I actually don't pull over anymore - I just stop ... middle of the road. Therefore EVERYONE stops or they have to go around and lookthat much more like a turd.