Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"So What I Have Issues!"

This is a hard post to write but when it happened to me I thought to myself "I have to blog about this."

For those of you who know me well, I have issues about my children being away from me.

Now before you go all creepy on me, I want you to know that all of my four children are Very Independent.

I was a stay at home mom most of my children's life. When summer would come around people would say things like: "Oh I bet you can't wait for school to start again"

My response would be : " No, I can wait, I love my kids, my kids are good kids, they make me happy, I would home school my kids if I were smarter, hell I would move on a deserted island with my kids.........I mean do I look like I am unhappy here man, I mean really.

So I might have scared a few people off.

But case in point, I really enjoy my children. So much that I dare them to get in trouble just so I can ground them and spend more time with them.

So yesterday Not the Baby left to go stay the night with a friend. The other two girls and I were sitting around staring at the walls and each other when Baby Girl says "I miss Not The Baby already."

Momma: "I know I miss her too. Oh my what is it going to be like when she goes to camp (Not The Baby is going on a week long camp next week) and we cant even talk to her for a whole week. (Oh my my heart is racing, I feel short of breath, and my eyes are beginning to leak)

Baby Girl: "A whole week!"

Momma: "I know lets call her."

Here is where I have to admit to my issues.

Not The Baby had only been gone for about two hours, I was not kidding when I told you I have issues.

So I dial her friends number, I am really hoping that her friends mom does not answer because I am not sure that I can hide my illness well enough.




Oh no are they not there!


Friends mom: Hello?

Momma: Oh Hi, is this Friends Mom?

(crap she answered, please don't ask me if everything is OK, then I will be compelled to tell you that I have issues and no I do not believe I need medication for it .......yet)

Friends Mom: Yes it is?

Momma: Hi, this is Momma. Is Not The Baby around?

Friends Mom: Well of course they are right here (the tone sounded as if she was saying "well of course they are here, what do you think that I don't watch them, and then I felt bad about asking her like that because of course I think she knows where they are, I trust her completely.)

Momma: Well could I speak with Not The Baby for a minute?

Friends Mom: Sure you can.

At this point she is probably thinking: "My goodness lady cut the cord already."

Not The Baby: Hello?

Momma: Not The Baby?

Not The Baby: Yessssss Momma!

Momma: Well here's the thing, Baby Girl and I were just sitting here thinking about the fact that we already miss you. Oh are you having fun?

Not The Baby: Yes Momma

Momma: Well like I said we were just thinking about how much we miss you and then it occurred to me that you are leaving for camp next week and I will not be able to talk to you and so I was just freaking out a little bit.

Not The Baby: (chuckle) I know Momma (chuckle)

(I think this is the time where I heard her whisper to her friend my mom is nuts.)

Momma: Well OK sweetheart, I will let you go. Have fun Now. That was all I wanted to say to you, call me when you wake up in the morning.

Not The Baby: I know Momma, I always do.

Not the Baby hangs up............

OK, so am I on the verge of mental illness?

Am I a pathetic excuse of a human being?

Am I somehow expressing the need to be loved by those who already love me?

Or do you just think it is mental illness?

OK seriously, you don't have to answer.

Then the phone rings, and Baby Girl answers it.

Baby Girl: Momma it's my friend she wants me to come over!

Momma: OK honey, you can stay for 15 minutes!

Gotcha......I gave her way longer than that!

I let her stay for 25 minutes!

OK don't freak out I'm not that weird, I let her stay for a couple of hours..............see I don't think I need medication yet.


Brittany said...

yet mom ..but soon you will

lol jk

love ya
Brat Baby

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

I'm not saying a word.

OK. maybe just afew. Can Baby Girl spend the night when we get home? Ok I'm kidding. Take a deep breath.

You just love your kids. No big deal. They are smart and well adjusted. You are doing great.

Heather said...

I don't think it's a mental illness - actually I wish it were catching... and that a few more mom's had it. Like those with the initials R and J's mom... (Whoops - did I just say that aloud??!)

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

LOL Heather! Oh no you didn't!
And I give a big Amen.

Chief Silver Fox said...

As you sister, who is already on meds....yes you need meds. Join the ranks of the Cymbalta team and cut the cord!

You better start preparing now for the empty nest, one year at a time or you will have a complete mental break when it happens I will be reading you medical chart instead of your blog!