Monday, June 30, 2008

Ok So Her Birthday Came And Went!

Do you know one of those people that have really good intentions but never seem to go through with all of them?

Well that is me in a nut shell, and my sister for that matter.

Yesterday morning I went looking for pictures of my sister to post and I found some but then the kids started waking up and I felt bad about working on my blog rather than getting things done so that we could head out to the local kids fest.

So the pictures just sat on my counter and I looked at them every time I would walk by them.

But me being Momma first, I left them and then wouldn't you know the day was over and I am not a night person, not to mention even if I was Brat Baby is not and the computer is in her room so I am not allowed to keep her awake by tapping at the computer, so I did not get anything done.

I did however see a man shoe a horse, eat a Buffalo burger and listen to Papa and Brat Baby bitch about the fact that we could come back another day to the wonderful outdoor beauty that we were at when it was not kids fest.

I tried really hard to breathe when they were doing their usual bitching but I LOST it.

Why can we not just have family time without someone BITCHING!

Then guess what I looked like the crazy one.

Yesterday was an unusually cool and pretty day, why can we not just sit and breathe the cool air while Baby Girl rides those stinky horses around and around in a circle for three hours, I mean really people what is the harm in that. Go buy yourself another foot long corn dog and SHUT UP!

Every time we go to something like this and the older girls led by the Papa Whining Choir start in, I think to myself, I am never bringing them again and then I tell myself, No we are going to do things as a family by golly even if it kills me!!!

How on earth would this family ever be if it we not for me.

I am the glue!

I am the rock!

I am the spark plug!

I am the gas !(be quiet, I know I have gas)

I am yeast that makes us rise!

I am the one that everyone likes to pick on when I want us to do something together!

Thankfully right now I have Baby Girl who is my little mini me.

At least she is making me think she is, who knows she may hate everything that I love and she just feels sorry for me because everyone else makes fun of my idea of fun.

I don't care if she is just making it all of up for my benefit, I will take her pity and swim it!

I think I hear Baby Girl, I better go get on my swimsuit.


Heather said...

Shatter my dreams of the whining stopping as they get older --- Thanks a lot!! ;)

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

Maybe we can gather the tools at the next yard sale to make Papa a motorized recliner. He'd surely not have any reason to bitch if he could tool around in one of those?

We'd of course have to figure out how to rig up a TV and a popcorn bowl on there, but we're creative types like that. We can do it!