Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sound Off Wednesday!

Yesterday I took the girls and No Sugar For Me Girl to my favorite fast food Mexican restaurant since we were short on time and had practices and birthday parties to go to.

I was third in line to place an order and the gentlemen that was currently placing an order was an elderly man. The patient and soft spoken teenager that was taking his order told him how much his order came to.

However the elderly man was hard of hearing.

The teenager kept repeating the amount that the man needed to pay but in a voice that even I could barely hear.

The gentlemen was not understanding him, but then he started digging in his wad of cash and pulled out a bill and I thought he then understood.

All the while this teenage little smart ass girl was snickering at the elderly mans confusion.

In my mind I am getting angry and thinking what should I do.

I think the elderly man almost has it and I don't want to embarrass him by helping him if he understands now and I want to say something to this little blonde hair twig also.

I tell myself "Momma you do not have to react to everything you see, sometimes you should do nothing and say nothing."

I tell myself "I know that but what if it was someone that I loved, what if that is me one day or my children. "

Finally they hand the man his food and he then is not sure whether or not he has paid, even though he just did that.

At that moment, my heart cried and the shit in front of me snickered again.

As the man walked by me to carry his food out the door I wanted to hug him, I wanted to cry.

Aging scares me and I hope I get over this fear before long.

Then the teenage nit wit says to the soft spoken taco server, "I cant believe you could keep a straight face." Then she snickers again.

Ok, keep my mouth shut, I think not!

I say to her " Don't laugh sweetheart it could be you someday!"

Have a great Wednesday!

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Heather said...

Grrr --- My mid-high days come FLOODING back when smart a$$ teens act that way. I launch into hall duty so fast - my kids are going to be so embarassed one day!!