Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not The Baby With Her Honesty

If anyone is honest in my house it is Not The Baby.

Not The Baby is capable of giving the truth without making anyone angry. (most of the time)

On Saturday when I was having a great time with the kids we visited my favorite fast food place to eat, Chick fil a.

While we were eating Baby Boy and Baby Girl were arguing, which I must admit happens a lot. And would you believe that Baby Boy starts most of the arguments. Then Baby Girl being a child of mine feels like she must win every argument.

Baby Boy feels like I am not raising Baby Girl the same way that I chose to raise him.

I knew this day would come but I really expected it later on in life though.

Baby Boy says that I am way too easy on Baby Girl.

Baby Boy says that I am willing to let Baby Girl get away with a lot more than I let him get away with.

(secretly I am going to tell you that I do let her get away with more, but not things that are bad behavior, or at least I don't think I am. Just with things like sports and the way that she dresses and stuff like that)

When I had Baby Boy I did everything by the book.

If his pacifier fell on the floor it required a sterilizing.

If Baby Boy wanted to eat a piece of candy then it required a teeth brushing immediately following the eating of candy.

Baby Boy was required a full balanced meal at every meal.

Baby Boy was required to follow every safety measure.

If Momma felt like it was not safe than Baby Boy was not allowed to do it, and you would be surprised at how many un-safe things there are in this world.

Baby Boy was required to be clean at all times (this part I was given a very hard time by my family).

Baby Boy had to look good all the time!

Things do change in time.

I had two other children (Brat Baby and Not The Baby).

Then 13 years later I gave birth to Baby Girl.

I decided to nurse Baby Girl, which is something that I did not do with my other kids. Not because I love Baby Girl more but that I came to a point in my life when I did not fear nursing.

Baby Boy has said to me at least 100 times that he did not get the teat.

Yes you heard me right, Baby Boy was jealous that he did not get breast feed. He feels like that somehow is saying that I wanted to give the best to Baby Girl and not to him or the other children.

I tried explaining to him that as you get older you get smarter (well hopefully, ok not always) and being a parent is a learning experience. "If had it to do all over again I would have teat fed all of you if I knew better!"

If Baby Girl wants to wear her cheetah bikini everyday during the summer than I let her!
(yes even to "I don't know if we have it -Mart")

If she wanted to jump off a six foot diving board then I encouraged her, and encouraged her to do it quickly before she had time to get scared. (without floaties)

That may be why she is my best swimmer, you think?

When Baby Boy was in the first grade his teacher wanted to meet with me. She told me that she was concerned with Baby Boy, she said" Baby Boy thinks that there are perfect people in this world and that he intends to be one of them."


Maybe I am responsible for that.

Of course my reply to the teacher was "Oh what a silly thing to say, I am not sure where he got that."

Now I never told Baby Boy word for word that there are perfect people in this world and that he needed to be one of them but I did show him that his world needed to be perfect.

When Baby Boy was home this weekend he came to watch Baby Girl play soccer and he made the comment "Baby Girl can get away with playing lazy!"
I said "What are you talking about?"

Baby Boy said that when he was playing soccer and other sports (He played EVERYTHING) that we (Papa and I) did not let him get away with playing anything but his best.

Actually his words were: "Papa used to tell me either play like I know you can or I am taking your butt off the field."

OOPPS I vaguely remember saying that also! (But I still say that to all of my kids, I just try to do it better. Like "Baby Girl, is something wrong?" "If not I need you to try your hardest or maybe if you are too tired or sick then we just need to have you sit out.")

If I could make a comparison about my parenting when Baby Boy was a little tyke to the parenting that I have been practicing with Baby Girl it would be June Cleaver vs. Save The World Hippie Momma.

Oh and Baby Boy was required to get rid of his pacifier and bottle the day he turned 1 (because that is what the books said I should do)

Baby Girl nursed until she was 2 1/2.

I did my research and all studies show that we should breastfeed until two years old.

For benefits like: breastfed babies are 37 per cent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes, they’re 22 per cent less likely to be overweight or obese and breastfeeding also significantly reduces their chances of developing high blood pressure and high cholesterol. In addition, breastfed children also perform significantly better in intelligence tests. For mums, breastfeeding reduces their chances of getting breast and ovarian cancer in the future. And, while they’re still breastfeeding their child, it helps the uterus to contract and so promotes weight loss, using up to 500 calories a day.

This all according to the World Health Organization.

Even though my family started asking me before she was six months old, "When are you going to stop nursing."

Family can really suck sometimes!

So back to the restaurant and Not The Babies truth telling abilities.

We were sitting at the table eating that heavenly chicken (I wish I could make chicken just like that) and Baby Boy and Baby Girl are arguing about something and Not The Baby looks at me and says " Looky, there are your two Babies arguing and your other two kids that you give ugly names to (Brat and Not The Baby) are sitting here like a couples of angels. Looks to me like you named us wrong on your blog Momma."

Damn I hate it when she is right!

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Heather said...

But doncha think that if you did everything EXACTLY the same it still wouldn't have been fair somehow???!?!