Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh Mrs. Momma!

Ok most of you already know that I work with pre-k students every day and I love, love , love my job.

The first year I started in the public school system was the worst year we have had as of yet. And then the next year was way way better.

Those kids are that I had two years ago was the most loving group of kids.

There was one boy in particular that would make sure that every day he told me that I looked nice.

There was also this time when I wore this pair of Capri's that were brightly colored and one of the kids says to me "Hey you wore those the other day (well actually it was last week and man have you seen my pay checks here, there is no money for clothes baby)"

Now the minute that child said that another little boy sits up and says "So,I like her pants!"

Now I tell you what,I don't get that much love from any other place other than my own babies and now a days with 3/4 of them teenagers and older I get cut down more than complimented.

So this year I think is actually going to top the class that I had two years ago, not because they are better kids but because the whole class is loving and complimenting.

One little girl findssomething to compliment me on everyday.

But the best one yet and yet the weirdest one yet was when the other day a little girl looks at my picture on my badge (which was taken four years ago when I was about fifty pounds lighter and much less stressed) and says to me, "Man you were HOT".

Ok I thought I just was not hearing her right, so I asked her what she said.

Momma: I'm sorry what honey?

Little Girl: I said you were hot!

Oh that is sweet I think and then I think that I don't like hearing the word HOT from a four year old and then I have to remind myself that times are changing and the word pretty has been formally changed to Hot.

Then I think to myself, great stop fooling yourself Momma, you are no longer HOT even though sometimes when I look in the mirror I try to only look at the upper half instead of the fat ass that keeps growing because I refuse to leave my house other than the times that I am constantly running my children all over the earth.

So another little girl that makes my heart melt every time that she smiles at me says to me, I think you are still HOT.

So I am going to walk around like I am Jessica Simpson.

Ok maybe not Jessica

I am going to walk around like I am Angelina Jolie.

Well only if Brad will be my man because I am totally not into the whole blood in a vile around my neck kind of woman.

Alright well maybe I should Be Stacy's mom (you know that song that goes "Stacy's mom has got it goin on")

Whatever I will be me and think that I might have a chance of being HOT since a four year old says I am and hey kids do tell the truth!

Don't They???


I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

You were and still are hot! (Not in a I want to touch your boobies way, but in a if we went somewhere guys would check you out way.)

It's always nice to get those little unexpected ego boosts though and I agree, what more honest opinions than those of kids.

Heidi said...

LOL I know RIGHT where you are coming from with the whole 'hot' thing - DRIVES ME NUTS!!!

Heather said...

It's nice when kids see us for the WHOLE package and know we're beautiful / hot inside and out!!