Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here's A Not The Baby Funny Just For You

Remember how I told you that Not The Baby gets scared very easily.

Well here is one occasion where her fear got the best of her.

Not The Baby likes to walk our demon dog occasionally by herself, most of the time though we walk him together along with our neighbors sweet little dog.

Now when Not The Baby walks Rex (that is demon dogs real name) they only walk a few houses down and around the back of our house.

So Not The Baby and Rex were boppin around enjoying their walk when all of a sudden there was a car coming down the road playing loud music, I believe it was rap music.

Not The Baby became fearful not knowing what to do. The car kept coming down the road and Rex kept on walking like nothing at all was happening.

Not The Baby looked around to see what her options were. Home was two houses down, there was no way that she could get back home without being spotted by the car with loud music.

Think quick Not The Baby.

Think quick.

Then it came to her.

Not The Baby saw a bush in the neighbors yard so she yanked Rex down with her and the two of them hid behind the bush while the suspicious looking vehicle drove by.

As Not The Baby was in the undisclosed place she heard a voice.

Oh no maybe those eerie sounding strangers in the car were trying to make contact with her.

Then the voice was getting closer, Hello!

Not The Baby goes over the attack procedure with Rex, who seems to be pre occupied with licking his private area.


Be Brave Not The Baby.

So Not The Baby looks up to see the weird neighbor that will never talk to us looking at her with a look that reads are you crazy girl?

It seems as though the bush that Not The Baby chose to dunk behind belonged to and was in the weird neighbors back yard.

Not The Baby sees that the coast is clear and it is safe to make a run for the house.

She smiles at the neighbor while saying under her breath, "man he is weird".

We of course can not possibly be the weird ones.

Not The Baby makes it home safely and does not say anything until dinner time when she cant hold it in any longer.

I, Momma was beside myself.

Momma: sweetheart, what did the car look like?

Not The Baby gives me the description of the car.

Momma: Was the car driving slow?

Not The Baby: No

Momma: Were they staring at you?

Not The Baby: No

Momma: Well then sweetheart what is it that gave you such a fright?

Not The Baby: They just looked scary with that loud music that they were playing.

Momma: Oh sweetheart, eat your dinner and get ready for bed, you have had to much excitement for this evening.

There you have it Not The Baby in a nutshell.

My little sweetie that tells me that she made need counseling.

I have a friend that is a counselor, I guess I better give her a call.

In the meantime if I could ask all of you to please not drive by my house playing loud rap music.

Otherwise we will have Not The Baby dropping to the floor like a member of the Soprano's family getting a visit from a long lost cousin that they thought they had already knocked off.


Heather said...

Loud music makes me nervous, too. But I used to work at the Mid-High and the world becomes my hallway, and I launch into "Maxine" mode and just yell for them to "turn that down!" while shaking my fist at them. She'll turn out OK...

I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

I have to say that most rap music makes me want to run and hide also.
Counseling might be a good idea though. She only has about 5 years before she has to head off to college and sleep by herself (hopefully).