Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Peace Off!

Here is another stupid story about myself.

It is amazing how many of these stories I have to tell.

One day we are driving back from a soccer tournament.

Which by the way Baby Girl has been to more soccer games in her life than any other thing else, no wonder she plays soccer.

Back to my story we are on our way back from a soccer tournament on a two lane road and behind us is some crazy insane person driving as if he has a death wish. We watch him carefully and try to stay away from him, he continues to ride our butt and then as soon as we get to a four way crossing he races around me even though there is a car headed right towards me, he swerves right in front of me just in time and we are all speechless with fear.

Then when everyone comes to when they realized that we just did not die everyone in our van says FLIP HIM OFF (OK not Baby Girl, that will come later), FLIP HIM OFF.

I am angry that he almost hurt my babies and I am trying to drive and so I roll down my window, stick my had out the door.

Everyone is cheering me on.

And I give him the PEACE sign.

Papa starts laughing, "what the hell is that?" he says.

"I don't know, I guess I forgot how to flip someone off, I mean it is not something I do everyday."

Then guess who everyone starts laughing at.....that's right, me the Momma!

So on this Wednesday I say to you:

Peace Off and I mean it in the nicest way!

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I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

I still love this story. I've taken to giving HWPUWMC the peace sign followed by a nice "Peace OFF!" Cracks me up. I love your stories.