Friday, September 19, 2008

A Conversation With Baby Girl.

Last night Brat Baby had work and Not The Baby had two sports practices and Papa was home resting from his long day at work.

(I do sometimes question how tiring his day really was, but that is another conversation all together)

So that left just Baby Girl and I all alone for a couple of hours and I needed to make a Wal-Greens run so by the time we were done with that I am thinking hey there are only two of us and anytime there is only a couple of us we must go out to eat.

Seeing that when we are all together the cost of eating out for our family cost us not only an arm but also a leg. We usually jump on an outing for dinner with only a few of the bambinos.

So Baby Girl looks at me and says, "You know what I want don't you Momma?"

Well of course I do.

Baby Girl is in love with McCallisters.

While we are eating our dinner we are having lots of conversation, this girl can talk both legs off.
(Man there is a lot of limb loss in this post today, sorry)

Baby Girl starts telling me about an incident that happened on the playground today.

Baby Girl: There was this kid that kicked me today.

Momma: Oh my honey, why would they do that?

Baby Girl: I don't know, but they did.

Momma: What did you do about it?

Baby Girl: Nothin!

Momma: WHAT! A baby not taking up for herself, not telling that little punk kickin turd to leave you alone or his world will come crashing down on him like the stock market!

Baby Girl: What does that mean?

Momma: Well I don't actually know, but I know it's bad.

Baby Girl: Well see Momma I have friends.

Momma: Yes sweetheart I know you have friends, but what does that have to do with it.

Baby Girl: Well when you have a BFF like I do it has a lot to do with it.

Momma: Huh?

Baby Girl: Well my BFF saw little punk kickin butt turd kick me and she turned into the Tasmanian devil and went after that little punk kickin turd.

Momma: WOW

Baby Girl: Then a another boy came up to me.

Boy Watching: Man Baby Girl, where can I get a butt kickin BFF like that?

Baby Girl: You just need some friends!

Boy Watching: OK, I take the Tasmanian devil there.

Baby Girl: Oh no honey, that ones mine!

I swear this conversation happened the way I wrote it but even better and believe it or not she gave me another one to write about for another day.

You want to hear the cool part.

My Baby Girls BFF's Momma is also a best friend of mine and I think that she would kick some punk tail for me if I needed her to.

I hope you have a BFF that would do the same for you!

Happy Butt Kickin Friday!


Heather said...

What a hoot!!! (And who's the punk ass? Please don't tell me it was my punk ass turd - because I was gone and they get punkier and assier and turdier when I'm gone!)

Anonymous said...

Haa... baby girl is something elce i tell you... she alwas has a playground story...and everone knows that....and boy dose she tell them to you with expression or what??

haa... i love you mamma..I REALLY DO!

till the numbers end and back again<3


Take a Deep Breath said...

No this ounk is the male kind.
You punk cracks me up. I am glad our punks are finally getting to know each other