Monday, September 29, 2008

I Got To Breathe This Weekend!

Baby Boy called me Friday night and said that his game was cancelled and that the coach was giving the team the weekend off.

Now I must admit that after the summer from hell with him this last summer that I am sometimes terrified when he comes home for any length of time. Just because I do not need any other stress inflicters in my life.

He does not have a car so I have to pick him up when he wants to come home unless someone from the college is coming this way.

So I said "Well I can come and get you tonight because in the morning Baby Girl has a soccer game."

Baby Boy: "Well I have plans tonight, so can you pick me up before her game in the morning?"

Momma: "Sure even though I almost never get to sleep in but sure."

So I picked him up had a great visit all the way home we had a great soccer game and then Baby Boy, Brat Baby and I all went shopping.

Now that Brat Baby is rolling in the dough with her job she wanted to take her wardrobe challenged Momma out to buy her something new to wear.

Brat Baby bought me two shirts and I love them, she was also nice enough to buy her brother a shirt that he needed for a meeting that he has today.

After all our shopping it was time to head out of town to Not The Babies soccer game. Papa decided to stay home rather than be squished in the car for an hour trip.

I am secretly glad he did (well maybe I am not that secret about it since I have told several people) because it gave me and the kids time to talk and laugh and well laugh some more.

We are the obnoxious family at the restaurant laughing their heads off and everyone is turning around to see what is so funny.

I took Baby Boy back to school last night and chalked this weekend up as a great one.

Oh we had a few arguments in the house but that is a given.

I just love it when we are all together and happy to be that way!

I am happy to say "Happy Monday!"

I hope your weekend brought you sheer joy as mine did.


Heidi said...

Glad to hear you had a great weekend. I love it when all the kids behave at once and you can actually ENJOY the company of them without feeling like a drill sergant!!! LOL

pnny said...

Glad you had a good weekend! You needed it!

Sheila said...

Glad you had a great weekend! Where is baby boy going to school now?

Take a Deep Breath said...

Remind me to tell you tomorrow at school.
Girl Scouts tomorrow right??

I can help if you need me but I must run home for just a moment after school

Heather said...

Yeah for good weekends!!