Friday, September 26, 2008

Ok Maybe One Little Post

Last night when I went to pick up Brat Baby she said that her throat was hurting.

I told her it is probably all the drainage.

She said what drainage?

I told her I could hear the drainage in the way she was talking and tried to explain to her what happens with that drainage and how it can cause a sore throat.

(I must go back and tell you that earlier that evening she called me from work and told me that she was not feeling well and explained her symptoms. I told her that she will be ok and she chose to abruptly end our conversation on the telephone either that or we were disconnected.)

Now Brat Baby can be a hypochondriac at times. It's not her fault it has been passed down to her from my side of the family. I however did not get that gene passed to me Thank God but it did make its way into Brat Baby.

Not to mention last week Brat Baby told me that she did not feel good and I let her stay home from school and when I get home from work she is feeling just fine.

Oh Not The Baby and Baby Girl did that to me the week before.

So I told all the girls that you must be vomiting or have fever before you can stay at home again.

Then Brat Baby tells me this morning, "Not that I am trying to stay home or anything (I think to myself, yeah whatever) but I want you to know I had a fever last night."

"Really" I said "Did you take it with the Thermometer?"

"Yes" she said.

"What was the temperature then" I ask her.

"98.2" Brat Baby replies.

"Sweetie that is not a fever" I tell her.

"yes it is" Brat Baby tells me.

"Well ok lets say it is even though it is not."

"You better get ready for school!"


I can't keep my mouth shut any longer! said...

We need to see if we can find a group counseling rate somewhere. We could get Brat Babys hypochondria and Not The Babys everythingaphobia treated at the same time. I'm sure I have some issues that need resolving too.

Heather said...

Ah-hem... Not to take SIDES or anything, but I just returned from the ped where she told me that she's run probably 50 positive strept cultures this week... and Had was one of them!!

BUT - we did get it cleared to go to Mamma Mia on Sunday if she doesn't miss ONE SINGLE DOSE of her medicine.

Soccer pics are out for tomorrow... :(

BUT - the in-laws are not coming now!

You trade the good with the bad...

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