Monday, September 1, 2008

I Wanna Start A Book Club

I was just getting dressed and caught Oprah on (since when does she come on in the morning?).

I am sure that it is a re-run.

I close to never get to watch tv.

Anyway she had this woman named Elizabeth Gilbert on talking about her book Eat, Pray, Love.

So I went to Amazon and read a few pages from the book and I really want to read it.

Anyone out there want to join me?

I would love to have my friends read this book with me and then we get together over coffee and sweets or dinner and discuss.

This has been something that I have wanted to do for a very long time and when I read an excerpt from this book I knew right then I must read it but it is something I really want to share with friends.

You can get the book on Amazon used for $3.50 plus the $3.99 shipping.

You can also get the book at Crap-Mart (ok Wal-mart) for $7.89.

So what do you think?

Anyone interested?


Heather said...

I'm in! I've started the book, but always get side-tracked by school stuffs, so don't throw rotten tomatoes are me if I get side-tracked. Because right now, I'm supposed to be doing homework -- and you see how well that's working out for me! ;)

Heidi said...

I love to read!! I just never get a chance... can I be in the club as a shirt tail reader!!! Will someone read it to me!!! LOL What a great idea - I would love to do it seriously!

Heather said...

So what's the plan, Stan?